Backyard Crafts

DIY Altered Driftwood via I Love To Create

School will be letting out soon, and I’m already dreaming up big ideas to keep my daughter busy over the coming summer days. I love projects we can do together, and projects that get us outside to enjoy our own backyard. These DIY’s should get us started!

Of course we’ll also be enjoying sprinklers, puddle jumping, swinging, jump roping, backyard picnics, and bicycling, among other summertime pursuits. It’s always good to have a long list of options when kids are involved. I suppose we should start with the tipi, so we’d have a shady nook to do all the other crafts on this list!

DIY Painted Leaves via Small for Big

Painted Leaves
See the tutorial at Small for Big.

This project is great for kids – first they get to scavenge for the perfect leaf collection, then they get to use every color in the rainbow to paint them. Aren’t the results gorgeous? If you pressed them while drying, I’m sure you could frame them too.

DIY Backyard Tipi via Sunset

Backyard Tipi
See the tutorial at Sunset.

The little girl in me is over the moon for this backyard hangout – I know my girl would be too. What better place to work on her budding reading skills all summer long?

DIY Swirly Stones via Spoonful

Swirly Stones
See the tutorial at Spoonful.

Crayons on hot rocks turn into this? Though we haven’t had a boiling hot afternoon yet, I’m sure there is one in our future. I think I’ll gather up the perfect rocks now, and keep them lying in the sun just in case!

DIY Fairy Bells

Fairy Bells
See the tutorial at Buzzmills.

Wrapping things is so meditative, and kids will love knowing they’re creating a fairy friendly mobile. I have a feeling my daughter will want to make several!

DIY Vacation Souvenir Jars via Martha Stewart

Vacation Souvenir Jars
See the tutorial at Martha Stewart.

This is the perfect way to keep, organize, and display all those little wonders your kids bring home from their summer travels. Or, fill them with the feathers, leaves, rocks, and sticks they gather in their own yard. Plus, they’re pretty to look at – unlike the sandwich bags we’ve been using.

DIY Sunflower House for Kids via Oregon Live

Sunflower House
See the tutorial at Oregon Live.

This is the easiest summer house you’ll ever “build”. Just plant sunflower seeds, and watch them grow. We did this last year, and by mid-July, we had a shady spot just big enough for my girl to hide in. Our seeds are already planted for this year’s Sunflower house!

Pictured at the top of this post: Altered Driftwood, see the tutorial at I Love to Create.