5 Inspiring Bedrooms for Toddlers

When it’s time to update the nursery into a toddler’s room, there are so many options to choose from. Here are some very inspiring toddler room decors that caught our attention and made our heart melt.

Focal point

LOVE this fun wallpaper for a kid's room (wallpaper from Pierre Frey, image via Constance Gennari)

Updating your little one’s room with a strong and bold wallpaper can instantly add character to the space. Here, the beautiful “Les Bidules” wallpaper designed by Gael Davrinche for Pierre Frey adds a modern and quirky note to this vintage inspired room. (image via Constance Gennari)

Curated pieces

Colorful + modern kid's room (image via Inside Out magazine)

When updating a child’s room, choosing carefully the key decor pieces makes all the difference. In this room, a custom made bed and storage piece cohabitate with colorful art and fun design pieces such as the Eames elephant stool by Vitra. (image via Inside Out magazine)

Use of room’s features

Fun kid's room (image via Julie Ansiau)

We love how in this attic room, the room’s features were used as extra display and storage for books and toy collections. The use of a strong color on one wall adds again more personality to the room. (image via Julie Ansiau)

Keep it simple

Simple + modern kid's room (image via Oeuf NY)

This bedroom by Oeuf NY exhibits brilliantly how less is more. There is no need to over furnish a child’s room. Adding a few colorful decor pieces brings all the warmth needed and allows the child to play in a clutter-free zone.

Personal touches

A lovely built-in cupboard bed in a kid's room (image via Dana Van Leeuwen for Est Magazine)

We’re loving how this rather simple toddler room setting got some instant character through the use of a bold color in the sleeping nook and by adding kids’ artwork on the bed frame. Here, the white walls and floors serve as a blank white canvas, allowing the room’s colorful accessories to pop even more. (image via Dana Van Leeuwen for Est Magazine)