6 Smart and Simple Finds for Kids’ Rooms

ABC For The Spelling Bee Wall Mural (available from Rebel Walls)

I know, school’s out and you’re on summer vacation, hopefully enjoying long sunny days at the beach and making the most of this special carefree time outdoors with your family. I guess the last thing you’ll be thinking about is redecorating your children’s bedrooms!

The thing is kids’ designers have been busy getting ready for the next academic year, anticipating the desire to simplify, start afresh, get organized and even welcome a new family member. It may seem a little early but some products have to be ordered well in advance. I’ve bookmarked a couple of new ideas for my youngest son’s room (love the wall mural above), and I hope this small selection of international children’s designs will inspire you for your home – when you get back off your hols. Relax!

Cirkel Table and Stools (Available from Small Design)

Cirkel Table and Stools
Available from Small Design.

It’s difficult to choose a favorite when you visit Small Design. I love the color palette and simple, clean aesthetic of this up-and-coming Danish brand. Their Cirkel table and stool set is perfect for a small child’s room or communal play area. The four stools can be stacked when not in use and also arranged to form a second smaller table when friends come round to play.

Coloring Grid Notebook Wallpaper for Kids (available from Chispum)

Coloring Grid Notebook Wallpaper
Available for $20 from Chispum.

If you haven’t heard of Chispum before you’re in for a treat! This Spanish brand offer an amazing selection of wall stickers and decorations, designed by leading creatives. They have just launched a new collection of repositionable wallpapers and blackboard notebooks, including this fun grid notebook design by Javirroyo, which is obviously ideal for a child’s room. Perfect for noting homework, doodling or creating a colorful masterpiece, this wallpaper is fully erasable and available in four sizes – tempting for my office!

K Desk for Kids (available from Rafa Kids)

K Desk
Available for $933 from Rafa Kids.

If you’re looking for something modern and stylish Dutch brand Rafa Kids have just pre-launched their first kids’ desk for six years and up (available for delivery in September if you pre-order now!). Made from Finnish birch wood and plywood, designed with great attention to detail (none of the screws or connectors are visible from the outside), this playful, stable desk can be set in two positions, offering space to display artwork etc and store notebooks, iPads, small toys and other treasures. Watch out for the X stool coming soon!

Plywood Kid's Desk (available from Playply)

Plywood Kid’s Desk
Available from Playply.

Handmade Charlotte’s Russian readers may be interested to know about fledgling boutique kids’ furniture brand Playply. Concerned about ergonomy, safety and solidity for their own child, designer Andrei Anisimov and architect Maria Anisimova-Karasik weren’t happy with the chairs available on the Russian market so they decided to make the perfect one themselves. Again I love the simplicity and pastel color palette, as well as their intention to remain small-scale. (via)

Moi Crib (available from Xo-In My Room)

Moi Crib
Available for $612 from Xo-In My Room.

Xo-In My Room is a long-time favorite of mine. This Spanish brand have just added a crib to their range, available in white, natural finish and 8 other colors. Handmade from reclaimed wood in a small workshop, this beautiful piece of furniture is simple, eco-friendly and elegant (delivered flat-packed) . Perfect for welcoming a new addition to the family!

Pictured at the top of this post: Isn’t this wall mural lovely? As you may know, living in the French countryside I’m a big fan of decorating with wild flowers, olive branches and leaves. Swedish company Rebel Walls have just pre-launched a stunning new wallpaper collection called Greenroom, which includes this fresh, poetical ABC mural, also available as a poster ( 50 x 70 cm priced at $95), carefully hand-drawn in inks and watercolors. I can definitely see this in a modern child’s room and love the way it’s been displayed in the hallway here.