DIY Collage Projects

DIY Art Faces Printables (via Dada Enfant Terrible)

Summer craft projects can be a lot more fun than the foam cutouts you see at every craft store right now. They have their place too, and heaven knows kids love them, but let’s see if we can get a bit more creative, shall we?

These collages include several face-friendly ideas – I’d love to do one with my daughter that focuses on her. Self-portraits with kids can be very empowering for them, and often we learn something new about them too. But, whatever collage project you choose, it will definitely help your littles move away from the coloring books – at least for one afternoon!

DIY Mosaic Wall Art (via The Crafty Crow)

Mosaic Wall Art
See the tutorial at The Crafty Crow.

For magpies like my daughter and myself, this is the perfect way to show off your collection and clear out the junk drawers/boxes/piles. The trick would be convincing my girl to use her favorite bits and bobs!

DIY Leaf Alphabet via Martha Stewart Living

Leaf Alphabet
See the tutorial at Martha Stewart Livng.

Do your kids like gathering leaves and nature bits from around the yard? I know mine does! What a great way to show them off – these are worthy of framing.

DIY Foliage Faces (via Uppercase Mag)

Foliage Faces
See more images at Uppercase Mag.

There isn’t a tutorial for this artists’ work, but her images are so inspirational – if you have a flower garden, you’re all set!

DIY Confetti Collage via Picklebums

Confetti Collage
See the tutorial at Picklebums.

Now this is a confetti project I’d be happy to try – anything that keeps the stuff contained instead of thrown up in the air is a win, if you ask me!

DIY Flower Fairies (via Childhood 101)

Flower Fairies
See the tutorial at Childhood 101.

Younger kids can get in the on act too – fill in any line drawing with sweet smelling petals just like this one.

DIY Mixed Text Collage via  Buffy's Books

Mixed Text Collage
See the image at Buffy’s Books.

This self-portrait project would be great for older kids – they can write, type, or cut out words to describe themselves, then fill their silhouette. Such a beautiful result.

Pictured at the top of this post: Art Faces, see the printables at Dada Enfant Terrible.