Gorgeous Shared Rooms for Kids

colorful & modern shared kid's room, image via Denilson Machada

Sometimes space does not grant a private room for every kid in the house. Sometimes the playroom needs to offer extra sleeping options for sleepover parties. We’ve already mentioned bunk bed options in previous posts, but for some parents bunk beds are accidents waiting to happen. For others, bunk beds mean that story time and cuddling sessions are more of a gymnastic effort.

Twin beds offer the same advantages as bunk beds, without the risk of injury and the loss of cuddling time. Here are some of our favorite shared twin bedrooms.

shared kids room (via petra bindel)

To avoid the loss of space, two platform beds were cleverly positioned back-to-back against a wall to create an extra wide daybed. They fit perfectly along the entire wall so they look built-in. (image via petra bindel)

shared kids room (photo credits, clockwise: house and home, made by girl, mokkasin)

Vintage wallpaper, basic platform beds with painted drawers, or a colorful rug add so much personality to a shared room! (images via house and home, made by girl, mokkasin)

shared kids room (via bonnesoeurs)

A pair of vintage beds were placed traditionnally as twin-beds, but a common headboard with a splash of color completes the serene and uncluttered look. (image via bonnesoeurs)

shared kids room (via decopeques)

Do the kids sharing a room have an age gap? Choosing the same wood finish in the furniture and personalizing each child’s area helps create a harmonious room décor. (image via decopeques)

shared kids room (via techne)

In this Melbourne home, Techne Architecture + Interior Design chose vibrant yellow bed frames and added contrast with black and white polka dot wallpaper. (image via techne)

Pictured at the top of this post: colorful & modern shared kid’s room, image via Denilson Machada.