Star-Spangled DIY Projects

Happy Fourth of July everyone! In honor of the star spangled holiday, it seemed appropriate to gather up some star-themed projects for the big weekend. It’s both a moment to celebrate the American stars, but while we’re all outside looking up at the fireworks, we can check out all the beautiful natural stars, too.

You can explore the constellations, or fold up some last minute holiday star decorations, or get the kids in a crafting mood with some cute starry T-shirts – the sky’s the limit, har har. I wish I had time to make up a beautiful starry scarf, but maybe I’ll just have to fit that in next week!

Printable Constellation Guide via Lulu The Baker

Printable Constellation Guide
See the printable at Lulu the Baker.

The easiest project of the bunch, just print out these guides and hand them out to every reveler you know!

DIY Eraser Stamped Shirt via Cutesy Crafts

DIY Eraser Stamped Shirt
See the tutorial at Cutesy Crafts.

There are far too many bad Tshirt DIYs, but luckily there are cute ones like this star shirt just in time to outfit the entire family in matching versions. IF that’s your thing, of course.

DIY Washi Tape Stars via Cecilie Slykke

Washi Tape Stars
See the tutorial at Cecilie Slykke.

We actually made these once, but I tried using toothpicks instead of skewers and dowels. Though it worked, they’d be easier to make with longer, thicker sticks.

DIY Constellations Scarf via A Beautiful Mess

DIY Constellations Scarf
See the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

Like I mentioned above, I wish I had time to make this scarf before the fireworks fly! It’s a great upgrade to any plain scarf, and doesn’t require any special skills.