It’s Hot Dog Time!

DIY Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders Here’s a question for you: how do you take every kid’s favorite food and make it even more exciting? DIY Weiner Dogs…duh! Like all moms, I’m always looking for ways to take kid-friendly foods and give them a healthy spin. When French’s® Mustard sent us a care package with their signature 100% Natural Yellow Mustard inside I saw an awesome opportunity to turn one of my kids’ favorite lunch time foods into a crazy fun DIY.

Tip: Scroll to the bottom to learn how to win your very own French’s® care package.

Printable  Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders

We took on this DIY Weiner Dog craft project for a fun, family afternoon activity, but just imagine how cute this would be for a birthday party or family cook out. I figure your kids are going to play with their food anyway, so why not turn it into a creative game and let their imaginations run wild!

DIY Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders

What You Need

DIY Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders Instructions
Step 1: Download and print the Weiner Dog Tray Printable.

Step 2: Cut out and assemble each piece (head, tray and legs) by folding along the dotted lines and gluing all of the tabs.

DIY Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders Step 3: Use your glue stick to assemble the head and the four legs to the tray.

Step 4: Grill up your favorite hot dogs and enjoy with French’s® 100% Natural Yellow Mustard!

DIY Hot Diggity Dog Hot Dog Holders What’s better than all-natural beef hot dogs, wheat buns, and delicious mustard made from stoneground, farm-grown whole mustard seeds? It’s awesome to have all-natural options for my kids that still have those familiar, delicious tastes they love.

Win the French’s® 100% Natural Mustard Giveaway! We had so much fun opening our French’s® care package that we want to share the excitement with you and your family. The package includes three bottles of French’s® 100% Natural Mustard, your very own farm-grown mustard seeds growing kit, and a booklet of tasty recipes. I mean, mustard seeds? How rad is that?

To enter to win, share your favorite hot dog top­pings in the com­ments sec­tion below. We will announce the win­ner Friday, August 15th!

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