Decorating Kids Rooms with Textiles

Decorating the kid's room wall with fabric remnants

Decorate with vintage hankies—it’s so much fun! If you’re like me and have drawers and cupboards full of vintage textiles, why not use them to create a feature wall inspired by the work of French stylist Anne Millet? I’m sure you all have a few pretty linen hankies at home, or even lace doilies and old fabric remnants that would make a unique, colorful display.

I guess I’ll have to blame it on my seamstress Gran; I love collecting vintage fabrics, scouring French flea markets for old linen, or filling my suitcases with pretty prints and patterns found at charity shops when I’m back in the UK. Textiles from times gone by make my heart sing, and I love to display them in our home.

Fabrics are fun for kids’ rooms too! There are so many ways you can use textiles to decorate in a child’s or teen’s space, and if you keep things simple, it’s usually fairly easy to change looks once they get bored.

Feeling creative and want to make an original statement in a nursery, play area or kid’s room? A new, inspiring fabric feature could be the answer…

Adeline Affre's Bedding for kids

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind when decorating a child’s room with textiles is bedding. There are so many amazing designs out there these days, for all tastes and budgets, but I am currently in love with Adeline Affre’s brand new AA range of pillows, quilt sets and plaids, styled so perfectly by Aurélie Lecuyer (of LedansLa blog fame!). The whole range is available for pre-order now!

A lovely canopy bed in a kid's room (via FRIVOLE)

To drape or not to drape, that is the question… I guess you either love or hate canopies. Canopies can add a special touch to a child’s room like this fresh, modern, and poetical child’s space styled by FRIVOLE, or Susanne Otter. I am also drawn to the dark cozy feel of Sibella Court’s stunning nursery corner made with a Shibori dip-dyed mosquito net.

Finnish wool blankets by Masaru Suzuki

Textile wall hangings can look stunning in any space. I’m sure many of you will already be familiar with Rafa Kids’ children’s furniture but you may not know that they also carry an interesting selection of fun, graphic bed linen and amazing Finnish wool blankets by Masaru Suzuki (check out the other designs too!) to dress your little one’s bed or wall, as you please! These sheep wool blankets make striking wall features in any room.

Decorating the children's room wall with vintage dresses (via Courtney Adamo )

Vintage garments, fancy dress outfits and accessories can add character to a child’s room. Be inspired by Courtney Adamo and decorate with clothes. I’m guessing that you have a few baby clothes or special outfits at home that you just can’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons. Have you ever thought about hanging them on a wall as decoration? Look how beautiful these dresses are on display in Courtney Adamo’s home, for example.

Lovely naturally-dyed, handmade textiles for kids from Vividgrey’s Living with Children collection

Vividgrey’s Living with Children collection is both playful and poetic. Austrian company Vividgrey knows how to use textiles for a dramatic effect in a child’s room. Cushions, curtains, shades, bedlinen, rugs—the list is long and absolutely everything is lovingly made by hand. Organic, fair trade, and naturally hand-dyed, Vividgrey’s textile designs are modern heirlooms for contemporary homes and children. Love!