Fall Crafts: Playing With Twigs and Leaves

Fall Crafts for Kids: Painted Leaves (via Small for Big)

There are so many wonderful things that happen in the Fall: the crisp air, the apple cider, the glowing trees. But my favorite part may be all the fall crafts that are suddenly possible thanks to this change in seasons. Wouldn’t all those painted leaves make a perfect mobile?

The abundant (and free) leaves and sticks make a great starting point for a kid’s craft. Here are some of my recent favorite fall craft projects for kids.

Rainbow Stick Mobile

Fall Crafts for Kids: Rainbow Stick Mobile (via Daily Heart)

There isn’t a tutorial for this craft, but it looks pretty straightforward. Another reader created a tutorial for their own version of the craft, which you can find at the end of the post in the comments. The sticks look gorgeous painted in all those great colors. Personally, I think I’d make a circle instead of a heart. Visit Daily Heart to see the craft!

Painted Leaf Bugs

DIY Painted Leaf Bugs for Kids (via Hazel Terry)

I’m completely smitten by these painted leaf bugs by Hazel Terry (aka The Art Room Plant). View the craft in Hazel Terry’s Flickr photostream.

Leaf Suncatcher

Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Suncatcher (via Buzzmills)

Here’s an easy way to enjoy all those fall colors long after the season has ended. This craft definitely falls in the “I can’t believe I didn’t think of that before” category! Visit Buzzmills for the tutorial.

Leaf Bowl

Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Bowl (via DIY Louisville)

It looks so ethereal in that picture, but with some Mod Podge skills backing it up I bet it would hold up nicely to your candy stash! Visit DIY Louisville for the tutorial.

Leaf Peepers

Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Peepers (via The Artful Parent)

Googly eyes make everything better, don’t you agree? This is a great quick project for squirrelly little ones—take a look at some of the kiddie versions she shares in the post! Visit The Artful Parent for the tutorial.

Leaf Ghosts

Halloween Fall Crafts for Kids: Leaf Ghosts (via Blog Me Mom)

How brilliant is this? I’m betting you have some white paint and a marker or two. So go out, grab some leaves, and get ready for Halloween! Visit Blog Me Mom for the tutorial.

Pictured at the top of this post: Painted Leaves, visit Small for Big for the tutorial.