Sweet As Candy

Marie Brichopas’ mermaid dolls are in a league of their own!

I wonder, can we pause a while, block out all those ghouls, ghosts and nasty things that go bump in the night? Go on – a moment of respite, a mini-break, something to take your mind off costumes, party preparations and confectionary. The thing is, I am dying to share some of my favorite soft toy makers’ recent work with you, and what’s five minutes of virtual sweetness compared to the sickly amounts of Halloween goodies we’ll all be eating in a few days’ time?

Think of it as a treat from me – calorie-free eye-candy that might just get you thinking about Christmas. Enjoy!

Big head happy pear wall rack

Big head happy pear wall rack from Misako Mimoko

Available for $105 from Misako Mimoko

You’ll have to be quick, Eva’s work sells like hot cakes! I am a huge fan of this Handmade Charlotte contributor’s creative world, and her latest fruit collection is no exception. Handmade, handembroidered, handpainted, hand everything, this playful pear rack will add a touchy of whimsy to any room!

Ake The Robin Plushie

Popetse’s latest Robin plush collection is adorable

Available for approx. $122 from Popetse on Etsy

Popetse’s latest bird plushes remind me of one of my favorite nursery rhymes when I was little: Who Killed Cock Robin? Like all members of the Popetse family, Aka comes from France, is beautifully handmade, and would make a very special gift. He stands a proud 30 cm tall and is dressed in the finest cotton and wool. I love the removable arc and arrows crafted from bamboo.

Little Sunshine Cloud

Come rain or shine, Jess Quinn’s art will make you smile.

Available for $38.05 from Jess Quinn Art

Jess Quinn’s handpainted artwork makes me happy, and I’m sure kids of all ages will appreciate seeing her quirky, endearing decorations around the home. This smiling, sunny yellow wall cloud would make a beautiful feel-good feature in a nursery or any drab nook or cranny in need of a lift.

Fabric Dolls

Sweet and stylish – Abigail Brown’s new brand is quite delightful!

No longer available

Did you know that British textile artist extraordinaire Abigail Brown recently launched a new brand called Only Tiny? Abigail will be adding lots of beautiful items to her small collection of handmade decorations and jewelry in the run up to Christmas, and has just released four adorable fabric dolls (a bear, rabbit, squirrel and cat) to whet our appetite. Keep an eye on her new shop, I’m sure it will be full of surprises!

Fluorescent Nina Dolls

Perfect for the dark winter months, neon nina dolls by Boramiri

Available for approx. $92 from Boramiri

Boramiri stole my “big softie” heart last year, and I am so pleased to see this talented maker growing from strength to strength. Every time I log on to her Facebook page, she has added a new international stockist, and with gorgeous children’s designs like this, I’m sure you’ll agree that this fledgling brand is destined to go far.

Pictured at the top of this post: mermaid doll, available for approx. $16 from Brichopas Toys on FLER. Marie’s handmade creations are out of this world. She loves toys, has one of the best blogs I know on the subject and makes some really fabulous plushes for little ones. FLER isn’t the easiest of online market sites to join (Czech), and this mermaid doll has already sold but you can contact Marie via her blog or Facebook page to place your orders.