Super Finds for Little Super Heroes

A room fit for little super heroes via Kaikki Mitä Olen

From the moment they open their tiny eyes to the world we’re in awe. What a wonderful creation, that beautiful little bundle of love. Every child is special, an extraordinary gift of life to cherish, nurture and protect. Just think back to that magical moment when you first met – amazing!

It’s difficult not to put them up on a pedestal as they grow, master new skills, develop new strengths and set out to save the world. To Infinity and Beyond! Nothing seems to stand in the way of our fearless super heroes. However, we all know that they can be little terrors too, because, after all they’re only human…

Christmas is fast approaching, so today I thought I’d celebrate the lives of all our super-special kids with a few super hero finds that made me smile recently. C’mon, hop in my batmobile and enjoy the ride!

Maybe your little one’s Batman after all, nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

Kid’s Batman T-Shirt
Available for $25 from Nappy Head, NOTHS

Well, I know a new set of PJs are a traditional Christmas gift in many households, but I couldn’t resist sharing this fun Batman tee for little ones. Made from premium fair-trade cotton, and available in sizes 6 months to 4 years, this is would make a perfect winter or summertime gift, to be worn with pride!

Super kids need super storage!

Super Hero Storage Bag
Available for approx. $20 from Tellkiddo on Etsy

Super kids need super storage, and the simpler the better. You can’t go wrong with Tellkiddo’s graphic toy sacs. Handpainted, practical and reusable, these paper accessories will add a super stylish touch to any child’s room. Why not download one of her mask prints to complete the look?

Superman never looked so cute!

Superman Doll
Available for $89 from Oh Sew Cute By Mel on Etsy

Super dolls with super powers are a popular theme in the children’s design world. Handmade marketplaces like etsy or dawanda offer a great selection for starters. Mel’s sweet plush store caught my eye recently, and I am smitten with her custom-made superman doll (also available as an African-American). Mel specializes in super heroes, so there’s something for every fan in her boutique.

The eyes have it! Love these fun hero wall hooks!

Hero Wall Hooks
Available for approx. $23.50 from Sketch Inc.

There are so many mask-themed kids’ products around right now, including this fun Polish wallpaper. If you’d rather go for something a little more discreet in your own home, Sketch Inc’s mischievous-looking wall hooks/drawer knobs could be the answer. They actually sell a whole collection, to mix and match on a bedroom wall, door or piece of furniture perhaps.

Whizz Pop Bang, these cushions will blow your socks off!

Comic Book Cushions
Available for approx. $50 from CoconutGrass, NOTHS

Of course super heroes go hand in hand with comic books – piles and piles of them. I remember mine being delivered every week in the 70’s – another era all together – and I really wish I’d saved a few to rival my French husband’s collection! These bright, bold pillows are bound to appeal to nostalgic moms and pops too, so enjoy!

Pictured at the top of this post: If you have a minute to spare, I urge you to take a peek at this inspiring children’s room styled by a talented Finnish mom of two over at Kaikki Mitä Olen. I love the black & white mixed with bright pops of color, and of course, all the fun super hero decorations. Perfect!