Simple + Sweet Felt Holiday Wreath

Glade Holiday Felt Wreath

As we enter the season of non-stop tastebud tingling and eardrum jingling, let’s take pause to appreciate the greatest sense of all. Smell! Smell has an undeniable hold on our every mood and memory. Today Glade launches its brand new Pinterest page. And it’s got us thinking about the emotional impact of scent and its ability to brighten our environment.

Inspired by Glade’s Merry Citrus Melody candle, we designed this table of treats to celebrate all the uplifting scents that bring us joy during the holidays. And of course, no Handmade Charlotte table would be complete without a DIY felt wreath project to get the whole family involved!

Glade Felt Wreath

After getting a whiff of the beautiful mandarin and candied apple scented candle with faint hints of frankincense and myrrh, our mood was made! We got to work creating the perfect environment to compliment the fragrance. We filled our winter-themed table with mini sail boats piled high with candy and platters of cookies and macarons. It was so fun rewarding my kiddos with a treat after an hour of creating their own no-sew felt wreath. Words cannot express the elation that filled the room once the the wreaths were hung and the snacking begun!

The DIY felt wreath uses supplies you undoubtedly have lying around the house. And most importantly, it’s so simple even your littlest elves can whip one of these up in under an hour. Get the full tutorial below.

Glade Felt Wreath

What You Need

  • Felt
  • Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Craft Knife
  • Oval Paper Plate
  • Aluminum Roasting Pan
  • DIY Felt Wreath Printable (download here)


Glade DIY Felt Wreath
  1. Download and print the felt wreath printable. Use your straight pins to attach the pattern to the felt and cut out the shape. Repeat this step until you have enough to cover the entire wreath.
  2. Cut out the center of your wreath frame. For a small wreath, use a paper plate. For a larger wreath, use the aluminum pan.
  3. Tie the felt pieces around the wreath frame. Repeat this step until the entire frame is covered. Have fun varying the colors and making the wreath as full as possible.
  4. Hang and enjoy!

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