Unfold the Fun with Smallful Printables

Super fun printable by Smallful

Some of my nearest and dearest friends growing up were punch-out paper dolls. I spent afternoons piloting paper planes and was convinced that Blackbeard fought his most epic battles wearing a newspaper hat.

You can imagine then how excited I was to discover Smallful, a treasure trove of paper printables as imaginative as they are simple. Creator Mari Richards combines her background in design and the lessons of motherhood to make easy, accessible projects for every member of the family. With print-on-demand templates, all you have to do is cut, fold, and enjoy. That, plus a million and one other reasons, is why we’re sticking to this store like paper to glue.

Here’s a peek at some of our top printable picks from Smallful:

Stackable Advent Calendar Printable by Smallful

Yes folks, the countdown has officially begun! This stackable advent calendar puts a twist on the twenty-five days of Christmas with personality-packed blocks that, quite literally, build excitement with each day.

Willow Paper Doll Printable by Smallful

Things are getting nippy in our neck of the woods and my daughters can’t wait to stay inside and keep warm with the coolest, craftiest chick in town – Willow the paper doll. As a mother, there’s something incredibly special about getting to share one of my favorite girlhood pastimes with my daughters. So go ahead and pack up those sandals and sundresses, this doll’s winter wardrobe is on point.

Printable Christmas Ornaments by Smallful

Perfect for a chilly afternoon of crafting, these Christmas ornaments would look adorable dangling from the tree, nestled in a centerpiece, or sitting pretty up on the mantle.

Printable masks by Smallful

Put your favorite face forward! These magical masks work great for last-minute costumes or everyday dress-up. From a top-hat-wearing fox to a lovely parakeet princess, these disguises have us thinking one thing: New Years Masquerade!

Be sure to check out more of Mari’s ideas and creations at Small for Big. You may be surprised at the fun that unfolds… or in this case, folds :)