Paper Craft Holiday Gifts for Kids

 60’s-inspired doll’s house from The Printed Peanut

Yay ! Christmas is just round the corner and the holiday season is well underway! Happy times for all, I hope! I love this time of year, so now that the Advent Calendar’s in place, I’ve decided to enjoy myself and go with the festive flow.

I’m trying to be a bit more organized in the gift department this year instead of leaving everything until the last minute (nobody ever complains mind…). Wishlists and letters to Santa have been read, noted and edited slightly to make room for a few extra surprises. That’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

We all know that it’s the thought that counts at Christmas. Not many of us have a huge budget to spend on family and friends, so today I thought I’d share a few interesting papercraft pressies for little ones, all reasonably priced and very original. The simplest gifts are often the best, don’t you think?

Pass The Parcel Game for Kids by The Printed Peanut

Pass The Parcel Game
Available for approx $15.70 from The Printed Peanut.

The Printed Peanut is one of my favorite finds this year. I am smitten with Louise Lockhart’s colorful, quirky products, all designed and made in the UK. If Christmas and family gatherings are synonymous with good old-fashioned parlor games, Louise’s stylish, pre-made Pass The Parcel set will be perfect! Two different versions are available, as well as a Pass The Parcel Kit if you’d rather make your own

Dots Book by Antonio Ladrillo

Dots Book by Antonio Ladrillo
Available for approx $15 from Les Editions du Livre

If you’re looking for some smart stocking stuffer ideas, Spanish illustrator Antonio Ladrillo’s latest collection of books, Dots, Lines, and Colors, is fun, original and stimulating. Personally, I love anything dotty, so playing with 24 pages of eye-popping spots – touching them, folding them, or opening and closing them – sounds like a super activity to me. I bet your kids will want to take these to school to show their teacher!

All the Better To Eat You Game for kids from Milimbo on Etsy

All The Better To Eat You Game
Available for approx. $10 from Milimbo

Still in Spain, one of my all-time favorite cardboard crafters Milimbo has brought out a new folding game designed in collaboration with Raquel Saiz. The four graphic fairytale characters come with a booklet in a cardboard folder. Kids can reinvent this classic story by bending the cardboard concertina characters to make them “interact” with each other. Imagination knows no bounds, right?

32 Ways To Dress Up A Cat by April and May

32 Ways To Dress Up A Cat
Available for approx. $7.30 from April & May

If you’re planning on traveling during the holidays, this sweet cat notebook designed by Wee Gallery will keep your little ones entertained on the go. Printed on 100% recycled paper, the 32-page book gives children the opportunity to imagine, draw, paint and color 32 different outfits for their delightful kitty friend. An equally cute dog version is available as well.

Giant Christmas Fortune Teller by Box Room Press on Etsy

Giant Christmas Fortune Teller
Available for approx. $13.60 from Box Room Press on Etsy

Hands up if you loved playing with fortune tellers when you were young! These simple paper toys never seem to go out of fashion, do they? This Christmas special is super large (22 cm x 22cm) and features Santa, a Christmas pudding, Christmas tree and a reindeer. It’s blank inside for you to add your own forfeits, jokes and tricks.

Pictured at the top of this post: Paper Doll’s House from The Printed Peanut, sure to please mid-century design lovers. It comes complete with Eames shelves and an Ercol daybed, with a separate sheet of 60’s people to cut out and color in. For big and little paper fans alike!