Gift Guide For Globetrotters


My youngest son Miles has just added a globe to his Christmas wish list. I’m not surprised really because he’s curious, loves airplanes, and is always ready for an adventure. We already have a couple at home, but he’s told me that Santa knows he needs one of his own to improve his grades in geography. Wise kid, eh!

Although I’ve a pretty good idea of the type of desk globe I’ll be buying (minimal and stylish, something along the lines of this model), I’ve enjoyed researching the latest map trends off and online. Cartography is a fascinating subject at any age, and I’m sure you’ll agree that anything that plays a role in helping our children find their place in the world is worthy of our attention.

If you’re still looking for gift ideas, there are some fabulous globes and maps out there. I’ve selected a few for little’uns and big’uns alike, because you’re never too old to learn and marvel at our wonderful planet. Enjoy!


Illustrated Cambridge Globe
Available for approx $17 and up from Globee

London-based company Globee seeks to merge knowledge with pleasure through their unique, educational globe products. Suitable for all ages, their beautifully hand-illustrated city globes feature landmarks and historic sites. New York, Sydney, Paris…all available in 3 sizes and as a money box. Why not start local before going global?


Build-It-Yourself Scratch Globe
Available for approx $39 from Cox & Cox

Scratch maps and globes are all the rage this year. Obviously customizable, children and adults will enjoy gradually rubbing off the gold foil to reveal the places they have visited. This easy-to-assemble mini globe is made from laminated cardboard and is a thoughtful gift for anyone with wanderlust.


A Map Poster Covered in Travel Plans, Dreams, and Memories
Available for approx $22 by Bold Tuesday, Estonian Design House

If you have plenty of wall space, map murals or posters can look fantastic anywhere in your home. I came across this minimal black and white silkscreened poster in Estonia. I would be tempted to preserve the minimalism, without any signs of travel. However, I have to admit that it looks great covered in holiday plans, dreams and memories.


DIY Chalkboard Globe via Mandy Starner

Chalkboard globes are an obvious choice if your kids love drawing and would rather invent their own magical world. Handpainted wanderlust globes seem fairly popular right now, and I think Mandy Starner’s DIY chalkboard globe has a similar look and feel. Hop over here to get the complete supply list for her project.


DIY French Country Map via Marie Claire Idées

Last but not least, if you’re a dab hand with a jig-saw, homemade country chalkboards look fantastic and are both playful and educational. I love this DIY French map, simply cut out of wood and painted with magnetic chalkboard paint. US readers may find something similar, albeit on a smaller scale, in Dirtsastudio’s etsy store.

Pictured at the top of this post: Inflatable Color-In Globe available from All Things Brighton Beautiful for approx $33. If you’re looking for something creative to do with your kids why not customize our planet with felt-tip pens then inflate the global masterpiece for play and display. A fun craft activity for all children the world over and at any time of year.