Make A Set Of Wooden Animal Ornaments

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

With simple ears, eyes, and a nose, you will see a critter face instantly appear on these wooden baubles for your tree. They’re inspired by the heads in a vintage craft kit called Pixie Puppets, but with a modern feel. Decorate them in one or two colors, or make them your own with extra felt elements and paint!

What You Need

Create your own Wooden Critter Ornmanets
  •  1/8 inch wooden balls or dowel caps
  • Felt
  • Paint
  • Embroidery thread
  • Scissors
  • Craft and/or hot glue
  • Paint brush
  • Critter Pattern Piece PDF


Step 1

Create wooden critter ornaments with a wooden ball and black felt

Cut a felt circle for a collar and two ear pieces for each animal.

Step 2

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

Glue the collar to the base of the wooden ball. If you’re using dowel caps, the felt will cover the hole.

Step 3

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

Glue the ears to the top of the wooden ball. Hold them in place as the glue dries for a minute or two.

Step 4

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

Paint a simple face on the front of the critter. A nose and two dots for eyes is all you need! But of course, you can add as much as you or your child wants. On one of mine, I painted polka dots all around!

Step 5

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

When everything is dry, cut a 7-inch piece of embroidery thread. Fold it in half and tie an overhand knot. Glue the knotted thread to the top of the critter head. Hot glue with the help of a parent is faster and easier than craft glue, but with patience craft glue should work. You could also screw a metal eye into the top of the head to hold the hanger.

DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

Make one animal or a whole menagerie! Try the critters I’ve made, then create some of your own designs!

Make Wooden Critter Ornaments for Your Tree DIY Wooden Critter Ornaments

Hang them on your tree or add them to gifts for something special. It’s a great way to share your favorite animal pal or create a friend’s pet. Happy crafting!