Feed Your DIY Donut Cravings

DIY Donut Bulletin Board

Donuts, donuts, everywhere! These sugary crafts are the perfect way to ring in the New Year and somehow feel fresh, even after weeks of holiday goodies. I’ll attribute it to their bright colors – a sweet celebration of the road to Spring. Check out these tutorials for a healthy helping of non-caloric donut projects to satisfy your DIY sweet tooth. If only you could gobble them up after you’re finished creating!

Donut Paper Printables

Donut Printables
see tutorial at Oh Happy Day!

These easy paper printables are sprinkled with fun project ideas – from banners to gift tags to coasters and memory games!

DIY Wooden Play Donuts

Wood Play Donuts
see tutorial at Ikat Bag

Need some quick ideas to keep little hands busy? These DIY wooden donuts are the perfect solution and a lot less expensive to add to your play kitchens than a premade set.

DIY Mini Donut Pinatas

Mini Donut Pinatas
see tutorial at Little Inspirations

I love piñatas! And what says fiesta more than donuts? To make things even better, this perfect pair is mini sized, making sure your kids don’t overload on the candy-filled creations.

DIY Donut Elbow Patches

Donut Elbow Patches
see tutorial at Studio DIY

Donut elbow patches make the perfect weekend brunch outfit! Or Tuesday afternoon outfit. Or anytime anywhere outfit. I’d love to see a set on my daughter’s leggings – protecting her little knees from all those inevitable future holes!

DIY Paper Donut Giftbox

Paper Donut Giftbox
see tutorial at Mini Eco

This free printable will undoubtedly be the most unique gift at any party. Aren’t they sweet? (See what I did there? I think the sugar’s getting to my head.)

Pictured at top: Donut Bulletin Boards, see the tutorial at Paint the Gown Red