Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap

Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap
My mind is already on Spring Break! Warm weather melts the winter blues into bright puddles of pinks, yellows, and oranges. We’re headed out of town in March and I’m getting a jump start on planning my all-important road trip treats.

I always like to give my kiddos tiny gifts to unwrap for the long car ride. What could be better than a gift that looks like the cool shady spot we’ll be calling home for the next week? DIY Beach Hut Gift Wrap is as quick and easy as wrapping a traditional present. You can practically hear Bob Marley softly playing No Woman, No Cry and taste a mango-infused fruity drink while crafting them up!

Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap
For this project, I was inspired by an adorable Yahoo! Makers project that I ran across last week. Have you seen what’s happening over there? Some of my favorite crafters are whipping up crazy original DIY creations, and the editor’s pics are just plain awesome.

Along with the sand and shells in my near future, it inspired me to give away a “Maker’s Mystery Hut” filled with Handmade Charlotte + Plaid Enterprises craft supplies. Look for details below!

Follow along as we show you how to create a simple summer village of your very own!

What You Need

Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap


Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap
Step 1
To get started, choose a wrapping paper that gets you in a beach state of mind! We used leftovers from Christmas and a piece of colorful notebook paper. The boxes are empty tea boxes from Starbucks.

Wrap your tea box in the paper of your choice and secure with tape.

Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap
Step 2
Choose a greeting card to use for the roof. Use your Fiskars heavy duty paper trimmer to cut your card to the length of the box (you can use scissors, but this cutting system makes cutting quick, easy, and precise). You may have to take a 1/2 inch or so off your greeting card to match it to the size of the box. Again, use your trimmer or scissors to cut fringe for the front side of your hut. Aloha, grass roof!

Cut triangles into the spine of your greeting card roof (as many triangles as you want flags). Flip the card over and run two strips of running tape onto the edge of either flap, then secure the card onto the top of the box.

Super Cute Mini Beach Bungalow Gift Wrap

Step 3
Time to raise the flags! Using the envelope card scraps, make a 3-inch strip of paper and fold it in half. Cut a “V” shape into one side of the rectangle and with dash of Mod Podge, adhere the opposite end around the straw. Drop the straw into a cut triangle slot on the roof and you’ve got a flagpole!

Last but not least, add the door. Cut your chosen envelope to the desired size and attach it to the box using Mod Podge.

Include a message for whoever you’re giving it to and you’re ready to celebrate the sand, sun, and the simple gift of a DIY beach hut.

Here are some fun ideas for easy, on-the-go gifts to put in your bungalow box:

Quick and Easy Crock Pot Chex Mix Snack for On-the-Go
Crock Pot Chex Snack via Tess Panzer for Yahoo! Makers

DIY Homemade Play Dough

DIY Play Dough via Artsy Fartsy Mama for Yahoo! Makers


DIY T-shirt Necklace via Martha Stewart for Yahoo! Makers


Spring showers must be right around the corner because we want to shower you with gifts! Enter below to win a “Maker’s Mystery Hut” filled to the brim with Handmade Charlotte + Plaid Enterprises craft supplies:

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