It’s All One Big Juggling Act

Stackable wooden circus acrobats
You know what I’ve discovered? Two-week school breaks are actually quite tiring when you have three kids! Always bending over backwards trying to keep everyone occupied and juggling my personal life with my home business. Sound familiar? Well, as I’m not one to complain, I guess the only way to beat the stress in any situation is to roll up your sleeves, stay strong, and put on a brave smile! “Be a clown, be a clown, all the world loves a clown…”

The circus is obviously a popular theme in the kids’ design world. It’s a classic, “foolproof” topic that never fails to delight. I mean, just when you think you’d seen it all before, somebody always comes along and dazzles you with a new design. Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys – it’s time to present our inspiring collection of children’s circus finds. Enjoy!

Circus finger puppet printables
DIY Circus Finger Puppet Kit
Download for $4 from Pukaca on etsy

Great news! There’s no need to spend a fortune on entertainong your kids. Etsy and other handmade marketplaces are full of fun DIY papercraft products like these circus finger puppets or quirky Mr. Strong (below). Perfect for rainy days or long vacations, I recommend both of these stores if you like paper fun and are looking for something simple and original to make at home.

DIY Muscle Man Paper Doll

DIY Muscle Man Paper Doll
$4.68 from Red Cheeks Factory on etsy

Musical clown plushie
Musical Clown Plushie
$46 from Les Enfants Du Design

There’s no shortage of circus-themed print if you’re thinking of redecorating a child’s room or family space. Pillows are an easy way to add a bit of fun and color, as are framed pictures, posters, and wall hangings. One of my favorite decorative accessories at the moment is this sweet musical clown — so perfect for a nursery! I suspect older kids will be more taken with East End Prints’ bright circus characters (below).

Circus strongman wall print
Strongman Circus Print
$39 from East End Prints

DIY Mechanical Seal Project
DIY Mechanical Seal Project
from Koa Koa

Koa Koa’s monthly subscription service offers creative and educational activities for kids of 5 years and up. I applaud their choice of simple yet stimulating projects and had to share February’s circus-themed DIY mechanical seal. It teaches children how to use bevel gears and the importance of symmetry and weight in achieving balance.

Pictured at top:

Keep your eyes peeled for Londji’s super fun Acrobat Toys which will be hitting the stores this Spring. The Spanish brand has a knack for modernizing classic games and these stacking acrobats made from recycled wood and decorated with eco-dyes are no exception. Love!