Set The Table With Simple DIY Coasters

Easy DIY Loom Coasters

Whether you’re into smoothies, juicing, hot tea, the coffee crutch, or you know, libations, now that we’re grown ups we have to think about things like protecting the woodwork. It’s so boring, isn’t it?

But hey, we can prettify anything – and coasters are no exception. Whether it’s adding some golden bling, color, texture, or children’s art, there’s something here to make those coasters sing. And prevent us from feeling like boring, old, stuffy folk. Instead, we’re the vibrant, creative kind!

DIY Scribble Art Coasters

Modern Scribble Art Coasters
see tutorial at Classic Play

Even the youngest can get in on the fancy coaster action with this quick doodle project. The results are most definitely of the artsy variety.

DIY Colorblock Coasters

Color Blocked Coasters
see tutorial at Poppytalk

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. I know it can be hard to hold back when you’re in making mode, but these colorblock coasters prove it’s worth the restraint.

Easy DIY Modular Felt Coasters

Modular Felt Coasters
see tutorial at How About Orange

The layering technique on these coasters is just so intriguing. I’m going to take a whack at making them just to understand how it all fits together!

Easy DIY Felt Coasters

Gold and Silver Coasters
see tutorial at The Purl Bee

If you’re a lover of sewing, this quick project is for you. The color combinations are simple stunning and definitely worth splurging on some good wool felt!

Cut Paper Cinco De Mayo Coasters

Cinco de Mayo Coasters
see more pics at Style Me Pretty

There isn’t a tutorial for these, but it looks pretty straight forward – cut out some square snowflakes, then use Mod Podge to glue them onto white tiles. Those brilliant colors feel like the perfect way to welcome Spring into my house.

Pictured at top: Pin Loom Coasters, see tutorial at The Purl Bee.