Recreate Your Family as Custom Wooden Eggs

Custom Family Wooden Eggs

Looking for something unique to fill your family’s Easter baskets? Great news – the hunt is over! Personalize this year’s Easter morning madness with cute customized wooden eggs, painted to look just like each member of your roost! Peggheads are perfect for year-round play and decoration, and will continue to spark imaginations big and small long after the holiday has passed. Recreating your family into handheld art is the new and improved family portrait!

What You Need

  • Wooden eggs (pictured here are 2 3/8″ eggs, available at most craft stores)
  • Pencil
  • Paint brushes
  • Non-toxic acrylic paint
  • A polyurethane sealant (your choice of finish – matte, satin, or gloss)
  • Favorite photo of your family


Custom Family Wooden Eggs
Step 1
Choose a photo where the family is wearing bright, colorful garb. The more colorful the clothing, the more fun you’ll have transforming your family into Peggheads!

Custom Family Wooden Eggs
Step 2
Begin by lightly sketching an outline onto the bare wooden egg. We suggest starting with the face and moving outward to clothing and hat/hair details. This will be covered by paint, so it can be a pretty rough sketch. We prefer to leave faces blank to allow for completely pretend play, but feel free to add any expressions you like!

Custom Family Wooden Eggs
Step 3
Grab your brush and paint and start filling in the spaces. You’ll likely need a thin brush for the details, but a little paint goes a long way on such a small surface. Don’t be afraid to mix colors to match the family photo!
Custom Family Wooden Eggs
Step 4
Once finished and dried, it is your choice whether to leave the pencil marks for a more detailed look or to erase them. Coat your eggs in 2-3 layers of the sealant, allowing each layer to dry in between. Give them an hour or so to dry then play away! And these are not just for kids! You may just find your imagination is still young at heart :)

Custom Family Wooden Eggs

You can also get made-to-order customized family pegs from Sweet Whimsy Designs. Place all orders by March 27 to receive them in time for Easter!