Color Inspiration: Beautiful Blue

Peacocks and quail eggs
Ah, you’ve guessed, I’m feeling blue! I’m not down in the dumps, though. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Spring is doing its thing and I’ve been busy making the most of the sunshine by working on our garden and home.

If you follow me elsewhere you’ll know that I’m usually more of a neutral interiors kinda gal, preferring white and grey in a typically French fashion. Well, that’s all about to change! Beautiful blue skies have me dreaming of the sea and summer holidays, so I’ve decided to add some variety with indigo, pretty cornflower, and inky midnight hues. Blue is fun, uplifting, reassuring and calming – no wonder it’s always popular in the kids’ design world. In light of my new mood, I’m pleased to share a few of my favorite recent finds!

Ocean Drop paper storage bags
Ocean Drop paper storage bags
$7.60 + from That Way, etsy

Let’s jump right in with some deep sea blues. I am a big fan of the fledgling Polish brand That Way. Their new collection of eco-friendly, reusable paper storage bags has me smiling from ear to ear. Hand-decorated (painted and screenprinted) with fresh, new designs called things like Splash, Sea Breeze, Shoal and Ocean Drop, these sturdy bags will add a modern touch of blue to any room.

Whale wood crib mobile
Whale wood crib mobile
Approx. $56.42 from Miloshka, etsy

In keeping with our marine theme, Miloshka’s eye-catching whales would make an original addition to a nursery. Made from laser-cut Russian birch plywood, and silkscreened and assembled by hand, these funny fellows come ready to hang, swim, or bobble up and down.

Blue wooden truck toy
Blue wooden truck
Approx. $22 from More & Co

What can be simpler and more beautiful than a little blue truck? Wooden toys like this never go out of style. They’re usually one of the first things a child plays with and are often kept out on display as they grow older. Made by German company Grimm’s, this adorable toy is built of pure wood, coated with natural oils, and stained with water-based color. You really can’t go wrong!

Wooden alphabet blocks
Wooden alphabet blocks
Approx. $37 from Lokal

I spotted this super set of wooden blocks a while ago and bookmarked them for a gift. Designed by Hannah Konola for Lokal, the 16-piece set is made from pine and comes in a canvas bag. I love the modern, graphic feel to these blocks and would be tempted to leave them out on display myself!

Houseboat cards
Houseboat cards 
Approx. $6.60 from Scout Editions

Ok, admittedly they’re not all blue, but I love the thread of water that flows right round these houseboat cards. I discovered these limited-edition designs on instagram and can easily imagine them framed in a modern, colorful child’s room. Check out their other prints and curios too!

Top image:
Peacocks and quail eggs via Studio Carta and Designskool.
Using quail eggs and Studio Carta’s tight weave ribbon in Peacock, this first joint creative project is simply stunning. I’m very much looking forward to their monthly collaborations from now on.