Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies

I’m in a cute animal obsession right now, and I’m not sure it’s temporary. Who can resist cute animals, right? These colorful felt creatures are simple to make, and can be worn as a belt accessory or removed for some simple animal play. (Think portable entertainment!)

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buckles

What You Need

  • Belt Buddies Printable Template
  • Felt (I recommend wool or wool blend for longer lasting animal friends!)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Belt or 1-inch Wide Belting + 2 D-rings
  • Scissors
  • Needle


Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies
Step 1
Print provided templates, then use them to trace the animal shapes of our choice onto your favorite colored felts. Cut out a front and a back for each animal (the same shape twice). The squirrel and the cat have a separate back piece with a tail, but all the other animals are the same for both sides.

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies
Step 2
Embroider faces onto the animals with 3 strands of embroidery floss. I used french knots for the eyes, back stitch for the nose, and a scallop stitch for the smile.

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies
Step 3
Fold the back piece in half and cut two slits into the felt. The slits should be a little over one inch in length, so make the cuts about 5/8-inch.

Easy-Sew Animal Belt BuddiesEasy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies
Step 4
Hold the front and back pieces together and with 3 strands of floss, use a running stitch around the edges.

Make Your Own Belt Buckles
Step 5
Now it’s time to grab your belt! If you’re making your own belt (it’s really easy!), cut a piece of belting that is long enough to wrap around your child’s waist, then add 8 inches.

At one end, fold the end over twice and stitch it down with embroidery floss. Take the other end and fold it over twice with the two D-rings in the fold, then stitch it down, as before.

Easy-Sew Animal Belt BucklesEasy-Sew Animal Belt Buddies
Step 6
Slide your animal buddies onto the belt through the slits.

Step 7
For the little mouse, you can add a tail made from embroidery floss before you stitch the layers together. Tie a knot in one end of your floss, then bring the floss through the felt and tie another knot very close to the felt. Tie a third knot about two inches from the first, then trim excess thread.

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buckles Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buckles

Your belt buddies are ready to ride! They’re sure to make friends wherever they go and will be by your little one’s side on all their biggest adventures!

Easy-Sew Animal Belt Buckles

Happy crafting!