One-of-a-Kind Bibs Delivered Straight to Your Crib

Fresh BiB

When Brooke Fish asked me to be her “Craft Lobster” at this year’s Maker’s Summit in Greenville, SC, I knew right away that she and I swam in similar, wonderfully wacky waters. I of course accepted her proposal (how could I refuse!) and decided that the two of us were destined to combine powers.

Brooke and her husband Adam are the Dallas duo behind the drool-worthy creations of Fresh BiB – a monthly subscription that delivers one-of-a-kind designer bibs straight to your crib. A designer turned stay-at-home wonder woman, Brooke has a knack for design and a deep understanding of the icky, sticky trials and tribulations that come with having tinies. She and Adam wanted to address life’s little messes with bibs that were fresh, fun, and “not stale and boring like day-old toast.”

Fresh BiBs

One look at these eye (and crumb!) catching designs and it’s clear that Fresh BiBs share nothing in common with day-old toast. In fact, if bibs were breakfast, these would be a sky-high stack of chocolate chip pancakes, covered in layers of extra syrup and topped with fresh berries and homemade whipped cream. Served in bed! (And you won’t even get messy.)

Each BiB is reversible, meaning you get 2 one-of-a-kind creations in every box. To make things even more exciting, the prints you receive are a complete surprise! It’s like an itty bitty surprise party right on your doorstep! Whatever goodies you do get, one thing’s for certain – they’re going to be super cute, incredible quality, and made with care. (Ok ok, that’s three things.) From the reusable glass jars that each BiB is bundled up in, to special little notes of encouragement, there’s not one detail that won’t bring a smile to your face. They even include an extra little something for mom!

Fresh BiBs

Get ready for my favorite part! Each darling design is stitched with vibrant green thread, serving as a sweet reminder that each day is a fresh start. What a wonderful thought! Also, what a wonderful gift, right? I know several littles who would love to drool all over these. And the great thing about them being so gosh darn cute? They double as bandanas!


Ok, remember the part where our powers were destined to combine? Here it is! For the entire month of May, all Fresh BiBs will be made using the Handmade Charlotte team’s favorite fabrics (Happy Mother’s Day!). We had so much fun pulling together bits and pieces of patterns from every nook and cranny of our studio, each a reminder of projects past. How special that our labors of love get to live on through little whoopsie daisies all over the world! Below is just a sneak peek at some of the modern magic Brooke has created using treasures from our vintage vault:

Handmade Charlotte + FreshBiB creations

Exciting, right? What’s even MORE exciting is that she is also giving away an entire YEAR subscription (that’s 12 original bibs if you’re keeping up) to one super-dee-duper lucky Handmade Charlotte reader. Enter below for a chance to win!

Handmade Charlotte + FreshBiB

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