6 Cute Kid-Friendly Cactus Crafts That Won’t Hurt

Paper Cactus DIY Craft for Kids

The humble cactus is having quite moment these days. They’re popping up everywhere. At first I was a little meh about the whole phenomenon, but I can now see where it fits in along all of the southwestern-y geometric designs we’ve been seeing. A cactus is kind of the pug dog of the plant world: cute, adorable, and nothing like all the others.

Now, supposedly a cactus is easy to care for, but my black thumb would beg to differ. So you know, paper, cloth, and cupcake cacti may be the safer, more humane way to go! Try one of these adorable crafts for yourself – they are all such lovely, low-hassle ways to bring a little bit of the outside world into your home.

Easy-Sew Cactus Pillow Tutorial

Cactus Pillow
see tutorial at Everything Emily

Because clearly square pillows are so boring, right? Seriously though, this guy would bring some much-needed whimsy to any living room. Or maybe to a porch! Who knew cacti could be so cute and cuddly?!

Painted Cactus DIY Rock Arrangement For Kids

Painted Rock Cactus
see tutorial at Craftberry Bush

I’m always looking or ways to reuse the hundreds of rocks my girl brings home from her latest adventures. This project would be loads of fun, and could even hold their own sitting right next to some of our real plants – (the ones I haven’t killed yet!).

DIY Knit Cactus Pin Cushions

Knit Cactus Pin Cushions
see tutorial via The Knitter

I absolutely love knitting, but committing to big projects is often just too much when juggling kids and work and life. These little wonders can be whipped up super quickly, and will add some welcome softness to the typical prickly stereotype.

Cactus and Succulent Cupcake Recipe

Houseplant Cupcakes
see tutorial via Alana Jones-Mann

I just can’t get over how real these cupcakes look! Once you see the tutorial, the mystery is solved – and guess what, it’s pretty easy!

Easy-Sew DIY Felt Cactus Tutorial

Felt Cactus
see tutorial via Happy DIY

These little guys are so dang cute. I love the sign they added at the top – it just adds to the faux charm. This could be a fun project for bigger kids who like to sew, or even for younger ones who are just now entering the world of needle and thread.

Pictured at top: Paper Plants, see the tutorial via The House That Lars Built