Prehistoric Party DIYs Straight from Jurassic World

Dinosaur Party DIY Straight from Jurassic World

Yes, the rumors are true. Dinosaurs have officially taken over the Handmade Charlotte studio! But no need to fear, these dino visitors from Jurassic World at Target don’t mean any harm. They just want to craft! (Little known fact: dinosaurs LOVE crafting.) Our prehistoric pals were super excited to help us bring to life some of our Pinterest favs. We of course took them up on the offer – because how often do you get the help of Indominus Rex and a pack of velociraptors from Isla Nublar?! Plus, their tiny hands were super helpful when it came down to perfecting all the little details :)

Dinosaur Party DIY Straight from Jurassic World

We spared no expense creating a tiny craft studio for their stay. They’ve got 200 million years of ideas swirling around in their scaly little heads, and with an entire studio at their disposal, these gals are having some serious fun!

Dinosaur Party DIY Straight from Jurassic World

Charlie (yes, these raptors have names) was the first to dive in! She grabbed her favorite color yarn from the craft cabinet and got the party started with some fun finger knitting. This was a big hit amongst all the dinos because it requires no tools except for your own two hands (or in their case, claws.) But finger knitting is actually super easy for us 10 fingered folk too! Proof that craft will always, uh, find a way (wink wink to all you Jurassic Park fanatics).

Dinosaur Party DIY Straight from Jurassic World

Even dinos know that no party is complete without fun festive hats! Delta took it upon herself to whip up mini party hats for the entire gang. Echo then decided that DIY Fringe Garland would really take it to the next level. She of course used her razor sharp claws to shred the paper, but a trusty pair of scissors will work just as well. All you have to do is cut a strip of streamer paper to the desired length, fold a few times, and then cut fringe. Unfold and decorate to your hearts content!

Dinosaur Party DIY Straight from Jurassic World
After it was all said and done, the studio was a bit of a mess (I’m talking raptors hanging from the rafters!). But we already had hats and streamers, so we just decided to go ahead and throw the most dino-mite craft party this side of the Ice Age has ever seen! And let me tell you, those jurassic jokesters know how to boogie!

We were so inspired by our surprise guests, we gathered up some of our favorite crafts for you and your little DIYnosaurs :)

DIY Dinosaur Shell Party Invitations

Our friend Charlie was responsible for rounding up the raptor pack for their Handmade Charlotte studio takeover. We imagine he sent out invitations that looked very much like these Dino Invites via Oh Happy Day.

Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake Recipe with Dinosaur Cake Toppers

One thing we learned this week is that dinos can really put down some cake! This Italian Rainbow Cookie Cake via My Name Is Yeh was the raptors’ favorite recipe – and would look rad on the dessert table at a dino-themed birthday party!

DIY Crochet Dinosaur Turtle Sweaters

This one is for my kiddos :) Living on a lake, it’s not uncommon to come home to find a turtle on our doorstep. I can’t wait to make these Sweet and Spikey Shell Suits for Tortoises via Metro for all our cold-blooded crawlies.

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