Blast off with Rainbow Peashooter Party Horns

How to Make Your Own Peashooter

Do you remember shooting things out of straws when you were little? Maybe things you didn’t like from the dinner table…like peas (hint hint)? I love going back to the basics and revisiting childhood toys. Sometimes it’s the simplest toys that are the most entertaining, and I can guarantee some outrageous fun and plenty of giggles with this one.

If you never got the chance to play with one as a kid, a pea shooter is usually a tube that launches its projectiles via blowing, like a blowgun or blowpipe. But don’t worry! These projectiles aren’t scary or dangerous, we’re just using craft pom-poms or felt balls here. 100% safe! They can be party favors for a birthday, or just some fun toys when you have kids over for a play date. No matter what the occasion, the kids will have fun.

How to Make Your Own Peashooter

A few days ago we were invited to an outdoor party and I wanted to make something special for the kids—a game they would play all together. I ran across some party horns in my supply bag and an idea for using them in a new way popped into my head. A few steps later, I surprised myself (and the cats)!

I imagined a little bag to go with the peashooter, designed some tags, and finally put everything together.

What You Need

What You Need to Make Your Own Peashooter
  • Party horns
  • Felt balls or craft pom-poms
  • Label templates (download here)
  • Twine
  • Hole punch
  • Party favor bag
  • Scissors


How to Make a Peashooter: Step 1

Step 1
Cut the horn piece off of the party horn.

How to Make Your Own Peashooter: Step 2

Step 2
Print and cut out the labels.

How to Make Your Own Peashooter: Step 3

Step 3
Now it is time to put everything together: drop the tube and pom-poms into the party favor bag.

How to Make Your Own Peashooter: Step 4

Step 4
Punch a hole on the top left or right side of the bag and tie your label on with a piece of twine.

How to Make Your Own Peashooter

Hand them out and shoot away!