6 Easy Pieces: DIY Wall Hangings

Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging via Oleander and Palm

It’s so easy to collect too many photos, kids drawings, cool prints, thrifted paintings, and other fun finds for our walls. Sometimes I think I’m in danger of turning my entire house into a gallery-style wall installation, with pictures hanging from floor to ceiling! The only thing I don’t like: all of those squares and rectangles, sometimes we need to mix it up.

Enter the glorious realm of wall hangings with me to shake things up. With some basic materials and these awesome tutorials, you’ll have custom wall hangings that are all your own. Take on the vintage trend of macramé, weaving, or felt banners and let’s get making!

Hanging Mirror via Sugar & Cloth

Hanging Mirror
Tutorial via Sugar & Cloth

Who knew you could create such an on-trend wall mirror with a pizza peel and a craft mirror? This is one project I’m bookmarking for my next crafty itch.

Sweet Bird Hanging via My Cakies

Sweet Bird Hanging
Tutorial via My Cakies

These birds remind me of the old mobile my Great Aunt Mabel had hanging in her sun porch. It’s whimsical and fun—perfect for your own porch, or add it to a little one’s nursery.

Hoop & Yarn Wall Hanging via Free People

Hoop & Yarn Wall Hanging
Tutorial via Free People

This hanging has a vintage style with a twist from the modern metal accents. I love how quick it would be to pull together. With some different colored yarns and hoop sizes you could create a whole range of wall hangings!

Hanging Wall Banner via I Spy DIY

Hanging Wall Banner
Tutorial via I Spy DIY

There’s something so sweet about a felt banner—it reminds me instantly of old school pennant banners. But when you make your own you can say whatever you want (no “Go, Panthers” for me)!

Hanging Planter via Ohhhmhhh


Hanging Planter
Tutorial via Ohhhmhhh

This German tutorial is pretty straight forward (after you translate it with Google). Her photos do a great job at describing just how you can make your own hanging planters. I love the pastel colors with the gold accents. Don’t you?

Pictured at the top of this post: Gold Dipped Yarn Hanging, tutorial via Oleander and Palm.