6 Acorn Craft Ideas for Fall

DIY Acorn Jewelry

Fall is here, officially. Have you seen your first red leaves yet? I’m just seeing them peeking out among the green here and there in our area. It’s a lovely time of year – the scents, the colors, the cool breezes, and all of the Holiday anticipations too.

One of the best parts of Fall is enjoying nature as it changes. Remember walking through leaves as a kid and stomping and kicking them all over the place? Or collecting all the Fall bounty? Like acorns, for instance – if you can grab them before the squirrels can. Acorns are a fascinating little wonder. Not only are they beautiful on their own, check out these craft projects for some unique ways to use them this fall.

Acorn Cap Jewels

Acorn Cap Jewels

Tutorial via Kiwicrate

You will not believe how simple this craft is – and watching it change from boring old white glue to the dried colorful interiors will be mesmerizing for you and the kids too. Think you could string up as a necklaces or garlands when they’re done?

Acorn Pendants

DIY Acorn Pendants

Tutorial via Kireei

The jaunty angle of the cap on this little guy just puts it over the top! What a cute way to keep an acorn with you all day long.

Acorn Cap Candles

DIY Acorn Cap Candles

Tutorial via Think Crafts

Candles, people, you can turn them into candles! The tutorial actually seems pretty simple, an the result is so sweet and pretty – especially on a Fall dining table.

Acorn Bird’s Nest

DIY Acorn Bird’s Nest

Tutorial via Twig and Toadstool

My daughter would love this little craft project, the miniature size and sweet style reminds me of fairy houses or dollhouses!

Acorn Garland

DIY Acorn Garland

Tutorial via The Juise

This is a garland worthy of your future Christmas tree, but these acorns would look lovely right now draped across a shelf or mantel too. This one is especially good if you have a big supply of acorns in your backyard!

Pictured at the top of this post: Acorn Jewelry, tutorial via 5 Orange Potatoes.