6 Butterfly Projects to Make Your Imagination Flutter


I’ve been waiting all spring for wonderful winged things to start appearing outside our kitchen window – and I think it’s finally time! We spotted our first little white moth a couple of days ago, and I can’t wait to see what we’ll spy next! In fact, I just ordered some milkweed seeds so we can grow food for monarchs this year (get them for free here). If you or your little one have never seen a monarch, it’s definitely worth it! Those guys are the kings of the butterfly world.

Butterflies are visually stunning and there are so many ways you can add them to summer crafts. I’ve gathered up a collection of some of my favorite options to get you started. Whether it’s masks for the kids, a birthday gift for mom, or just a personal project on a quiet afternoon, time flies when you’re having fun making butterfly crafts :)

DIY Mason Jar Butterfly Feeder
Butterfly Feeder
see tutorial at Growfglins

I would love to add one of these to our garden this year. It’s such an easy way to attract butterflies to the yard (all you have to do is fill it with sugar water!) and kids will be mesmerized watching them drink from your creation.

DIY Butterfly Paper Printable Mask for Kids
Butterfly Masks
see tutorial at Hattifant

Let’s see – kids love to color (at least every kid I know), and they also love to play pretend. So this quick printable looks like the perfect afternoon activity! It provides an afternoon of arts and crafts, and when they’re all done, they’ll have a dress up prop to use for future adventures!

DIY Butterfly Tea Bag Tag

Butterfly Tea Bag Tag
see tutorial at Craftberry Bush

I love the tradition of tea time. This whimsical tea bag tag is a super quick way to personalize a sweet gift for ladies and little girls, alike. Place it atop a teacup painted by the kiddos and your job is done.

DIY Butterfly Canvas Craft for Kids
Butterfly Canvas
see tutorial at Meg Duerksen

What a beautiful way to recycle extra paintings and all those little experiments the kids make. (We always have some things that – shhhhh – end up in recycling). However, every piece of art from your little one feels kind of special, so this colorful canvas lets you take those projects and turn them into something big and beautiful.

Hanging DIY Butterfly Magazine Mobile

Paper Butterflies
see tutorial at DIY Green

Reuse magazine images, and even newspaper pieces, with a quick butterfly garden like this one. I know my girl would love to help with all of those accordion folds – and how cool would this look hanging in a window? A cool twist on the classic collage and a great project for the older kids!

Pictured at top: Butterfly Bell Jar, see the tutorial at Ruby Ju.