Eco-Friendly Design for Kids

Foxy Cardboard Bookshelf (via Cardboard Friends on Etsy)

If you’ve been following me on Handmade Charlotte or my own blog for any length of time, you’ll know how much I love eco-friendly kids’ design. My father was a carpenter so I think I will always prefer wooden playthings and furniture, as well as products made from cardboard and paper. Three is a magic number, so they say!

A handful of brand new toy shops and interesting makers have come across my radar recently and as always I am inspired by their never-ending desire to experiment, create and surprise with these three simple materials. I guess the secret is to remain a big kid at heart when you work in the children’s industry. No rules, no boundaries, just oodles of imagination, a fabulous amount of talent, and a pinch of fairy dust for good measure.

Bussy Cardboard Bookshelf (via Cardboard Friends on Etsy)

Bussy Cardboard Bookshelf
Available for $180 from Cardboard Friends.

Ready for a ride on the Bussy bookcase? Made from very sturdy cardboard and cotton, these bookcases were clearly designed for play and display. A fun addition to any child’s space, doubling up as a bookcase, toy theatre (Dolly in particular) and even a slide. Both waterproof and versatile, Cardboard Friends are meant to last at least 5 years.

DIY Carousel Table Lamp (via Smagaprojektanci on Etsy)

DIY Carousel Table Lamp
Available for $165 from Smagaprojektanci.

Oh the magic of carousels! After falling in love with this Polish brand’s colorful wooden spinning tops, I am once again enamored with their beautiful laser-cut carousel lamp, so perfect for a child’s room. Made from plywood and birch, this easy to assemble rotating table lamp can also be painted to fit in any modern décor. Love!

Doodle-Me Treasure Map Poster

Doodle-Me Treasure Map Poster
Available for $16 from Agata Królak.

Pens and crayons at the ready! One of my all-time favorite illustrators Agata Królak has just released a limited-edition treasure map poster designed to be drawn on (70 x 100cm). I have a feeling that this doodle-me print will appeal to big and small alike. Be quick and send her an email via facebook her work is very popular! (via)

Balancing Game for Kids (via Les Enfantillages)

9-Piece Balancing Game
Available for $64 from Les Enfantillages.

Handmade Charlotte’s Canadian readers are in for a treat! Les Enfantillages, a brand new online store, opened its virtual doors last week, and I love their promising collection of wooden toys. Handmade in the Montreal-based workshop Shed espace créatif by Geneviève Lugaz and her mother, these simple, aesthetically-pleasing playthings are tastefully decorated with water-based paints and beeswax. Please contact for international shipping (via).

Pom Pom Slingshot (via Les Enfantillages)

Pom Pom Slingshot
Available for $24 from Les Enfantillages.

Aren’t these slingshots the best? Love!

Pictured at the top of this post: Foxy Cardboard Bookshelf, available for $240 from Cardboard Friends.