Colorful + Festive DiY Decor


A friend of mine dressed up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween, and it turns out very few people who saw her knew who she was. I was surprised, but then again, as an over-educated arty type, I may not be the best judge of popular culture and Frida. Still, it reminded me just how amazing she was an artist and as a woman, and it inspired me to see what kinds of arty-crafty projects people are making use Frida as their muse.

It turns out there’s a lot of inspiration coming from Frida Kahlo. And with the dreary weather that comes in November, what better time than now to pull some of the brilliant colors and floral themes that were such a big part of her persona? Check out these crafts to get a a bit of her Mexican flair.

You can also learn more about Frida Kahlo here.


Frida Kahlo Nicho
Tutorial via Live Colorful

Pay tribute to Frida (or anyone you admire!) with this quick shadbox project. I love seeing all of those everyday materials collaged together in such a colorful way. This would be a great project for kids too.


Fiesta Flowers
Tutorial via Aunt Peaches

Aren’t these gorgeous? My girl would go gaga for these, and honestly, I can see them taking up permanent residency around the doorway to her room. But of course, they’d also be lovely for a party, or maybe to highlight the entry to your dining room?


DIY Pom Pom Garland
Tutorial via Honestly WTF

You may already know how to make pom poms by now, so this project is a no brainer. Strung up as a garland they add cheer to any space – I like them draped across the headboard of my girl’s bed.


Frida Kahlo Flower Headband
Tutorial via My Poppet

What Frida inspiration would be complete without a floral headband? This one looks like a breeze to make, and it adds so much charm and whimsy to your average weekday morning. I suggest wearing one while running errands, to just feel special.


Poster Hanger DIY
Tutorial via My Poppet

And once you’ve made that headband, get ready for the perfect photo opportunity! One day I will find time to run one of our favorite photos to the local printshop and do just this: a giant poster print of my favorite girl.

Pictured at the top of this post: Giant Paper Flowers, tutorial via Hostess with the Mostess