Orange You Glad it’s Fall?

Fall Crafts

I’ve been craving the smells of cinnamon and oranges for weeks – that spicy mulled cider smell that makes a house feel like a special kind of home this time of year. Now that I’m seeing these late-Fall appropriate crafts, I’ve got even more orange-inspired goodies to make!

Whether you choose to focus on the traditional scent and taste of orange, or would rather add some orangey colors to your crafts and home, I think you’ll find a project here to fit your style. We’ve got to cram all this Fall goodness in quick – I hear Christmas is right around the corner!


Stamped Metallic Leaf Plates
Fall Crafts

Tutorial via Wayfair
Don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy dishes for your Thanksgiving table? Me either, but making them special with local leaves and food-safe metallic paints creates a beautiful set, don’t you think?


Orange Extract

Fall Crafts
Tutorial via Just Putzing Around the Kitchen
Yes, I’d love to make some orange extract for myself – if you make it yourself, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body when you eat it! But this tutorial would make some gorgeous, and useful, Christmas gifts too – with recipes for Vanilla, Mint, and Lemon as well.


Falling Leaves Garland
Fall Crafts

Tutorial via House of Jade
I think I’ve found a way to add a judicious dash of glitter to your Thanksgiving celebrations. These leaves look so gorgeous with their copper tones and crinkly edges. I can’t wait to try this one!


Leaf Bowl
Fall Crafts

Tutorial via Hello Lucky
Fake leaves to the rescue! In general, I prefer the real leaves – especially since they’re free – but here’s a great way to use the fake ones. And I think if you make a leaf bowl, you would definitely be required to keep it full of chocolate at all times!


Driftwood Paintings
Fall Crafts

Image via Poppy Talk
There isn’t a tutorial for these, but the artist – Mark James Gunderson – has made such inspirational paintings that I wanted to include them for you. Use them as inspiration to create your own Fall-inspired driftwood or scrap wood paintings. The colors are just luscious.

Pictured at the top of this post: Dried Orange Garland, tutorial via Free People