Kid Friendly Bling: 6 DIY Necklaces

DIY Necklaces

It’s that time of year when you start thinking about the Holidays, and the urge to make gifts for every single person you love hits me every time. In the best possible world, I’d get my daughter involved in all of that making, and we’d have a beautiful handmade Christmas!

Sometimes the reality of it all makes those hopes impossible, but let’s stay optimistic and find some crafts perfect for the kids in your life to make this Holiday season. These colorful necklaces are all so unique, and some of them would even work for the boys as well as the girls. I even snuck one in that would work great for trend-setting moms too, wink wink.

Wooden Bead Doll Necklace

DIY Necklaces

Tutorial via Craftberry Bush
These little dolls are the absolute sweetest idea – the hair gets me every time I look at them! It would be super easy customize to make them specific to the giftee too.

Moroccan Tassel Necklaces

DIY Necklaces

Tutorial via Camille Styles
Wooden bead necklaces are nothing new. But in these single color versions with the perfect tassels they have a sweet boho twist that I just love. What colors would you choose?

Tassel Necklace

DIY Necklaces

Tutorial via Style Bee
Okay, this one is perfect for the fashionable women in your life. But, you could also use some funky colors and make it very kid-friendly too. It’s all in the interpretation.

Macaroni Necklaces

DIY Necklaces

Tutorial via Molly Makes
What kid wouldn’t want a little pet to carry with them everywhere? My girl would go gaga for this craft, and there are other styles over on the site too.

Gumball Necklace

DIY Necklaces

Tutorial via Thoughtfully Simple
Here’s a favorite every kid will want to wear immediately. Of course, I’m guessing they will also want to eat those gumballs too, but during the holidays that feels extra special, right?


Pictured at the top of this post: Knotted Rock Necklaces, see Quiet Lion Creations