Let The Stars Shine In These DIYs

Star DIY Crafts

The nights are getting longer, and the sunny afternoons much shorter. It was a shock the other night to come home from my daughters dance class in the twilight! It’s always a sign that Fall is well under way, and the cozy, cold days of Winter aren’t far behind.

The positive spin on all that darkness can be hard to find. But I’ve discovered something that never occurred to me before: you get more time with the stars in the Winter. When you have kids, it means more opportunities for them to actually see all those bbeautiful stars too. In the summertime they’re just a myth to a 5 year old – who’s bedtime is long before twilight. But in the Winter- and even now, at the end of Fall, there’s time to see them every night! So let’s honor our favorite twinkling friends with some colorful star crafts to remind us of their wonder.

Origami Window Star

Star DIY Crafts
Via Brass Tacks and Basics
Folding paper turns out pretty incredible when you use translucent tissue papers, doesn’t it? This is the perfect slow craft for a dreary afternoon – it will brighten up your windows right away!

Drinking Straw Starbursts

Star DIY Crafts
Via Aunt Peaches
I love these starbursts – they’re made out of such humble materials, yet in the end they look like fireworks and twinkling multi-colored stars.

Matchstick Star

Star DIY Crafts
Via Lowes
This is one of those crafts where all you can really say is wow. Just, wow. One of my favorite smells is the smell of a freshly snuffed match, can you imagine how good it would smell to make this star?

Origami Stars

Star DIY Crafts
Via Moodkids
Such a simple little project, but when made in multiples it takes on such a great effect. I’d like a bowl full of these stars to wish on every morning, please!

Pictured at the top of this post: Printable Mini Super Stars, tutorial via Oh Happy Day