6 Awesome Paper Bag Crafts for Kids

DIY Paper Bag Animal Favors

After the holidays, the first thing that always happens is the urge to clean up and clear out. It’s time to get organized – and the first step at our house is to recycle the zillions of boxes, bags, and other bits of packaging left over from the presents – especially all of the packages that arrived at our front doorstep!

So, I have recycling on the brain right now, do you? How about we make it a little more interesting than shoving things in the recycling bin. How about we pull out some paper bas and make something! The feel of a crisp paper bag is the perfect start to an art experience, and that brown paper color is ready for any color you throw at it. Take a peek at these craft ideas to get you started.

DIY Paper Bag Journal for Kids

Paper Bag Journal
Tutorial via Art Bar Journal

This is the sweetest idea. Create paper bag journals for your favorite artists with this quick tutorial – and they get to decorate just to their liking.

DIY Paper Bag Pendant Lamp

DIY Pendant Lamp
Tutorial via A Piece of Rainbow

Need a new lamp? No problem, just go grab a paper bag! Who would have thought it could turn out as pretty as this one!

DIY Paper Bag Crowns for Kids

Paper Bag Crowns
Tutorial via Love, Sarah Schneider

Pretty up those paper bags and turn them into gilded crowns. Every kid I know loves a golden crown for their head – especially when they can decorate their own.

DIY Paper Bag Books for Kids

Paper Bag Books
Tutorial via Rosina Huber

These books have little envelopes in them – the perfect place to hide love notes, and favorite treasures of all kinds.

DIY Lion Carnival Mask for Kids

Lion Carnival Mask
Tutorial via Nido

Use Google Translate to decipher the instructions for this adorable mask – I love the bright colors they used too!

Pictured at the top of this post: Paper Bag Animal Favors, tutorial via Real Simple.