Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

DIY Amethyst Mirror, tutorial via Design Love Fest

Winter blahs are hitting us fast and hard. It’s all those cold, grey skies and early sunsets. Do you have to get out of bed in the dark like I do? The late sunrises are maybe the hardest part of winter! So, clearly we need more light in our lives.

Let’s bring that crisp winter light into our homes with some extra reflective surfaces. They always say a mirror will brighten up a room, and I totally believe it this time of year. Take your pick between these fun mirror projects – then bask in the extra bit of radiance it brings to your favorite spaces!

Copper Edged Mirror

DIY Copper Edged Mirror, tutorial via A Bubbly Life
Tutorial via A Bubbly Life

Usually I’m a perfectionist, but I love the more organic, uneven edges of the copper pipe wrapped around this mirror. Isn’t it beautiful?

Car Makeup Mirror

DIY Car Makeup Mirror, via Decor8
Image via Decor8

There isn’t a tutorial for this one – it’s that simple. Just grab an old car mirror and set it on your nightstand. Ok, so finding the mirror might take a little effort – but I’m betting it’s worth it.

You’re Like, Really Pretty Mirror

You’re Like, Really Pretty Mirror, tutorial via Studio DIY
Tutorial via Studio DIY

Whether you know the movie this is from or not, it’s still pretty sweet. But hey, you can add your own quotes too!

Rope Mirror

DIY Rope Mirror, tutorial via Fábrica de Imaginación
Tutorial via Fábrica de Imaginación

I’ve seen several mirros hanging with rope lately, and I love them all. Bring one into your own home with this quick tutorial (use Google Translate to translate the Spanish!)

Triangle Mirror

DIY Triangle Mirror, tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect
Tutorial via Almost Makes Perfect

Forget the usual mirror shapes, and bring some geometric flare inside with this triangular shape. It’s an easy peasy modern update!

Pictured at the top of this post: Amethyst Mirror, tutorial via Design Love Fest.