Up, Up and Away!

Clouds on Balloons, image by photographer Jon Day via Decor8.

No matter how many times we see balloons at parties, parades, and announcing garage sales, they never really get old do they? It’s like a little piece of childhood that keeps its magic long after we grow up.

But these days, wow, you can find balloons in shapes, sizes, and forms you would never have expected as a kid! It’s like they’re magical all over again. Check out these quick DIYs to upgrade your next balloon-flavored event – whether it’s a party, or just to brighten up your humdrum Thursday afternoon.

DY Cactus Balloons

Cactus Balloons
Tutorial via Design Improvised

It was only a matter of time before the cactus trend hit the balloon trend. These look super simple to make too!

DIY Balloon Animal Plush

Balloon Animal Plush
Tutorial via Little Inspiration

You know how real balloon animals always come apart way too quickly, or pop? Well, now they don’t have to – make these stuffed versions instead!

DIY Balloon Flower Numbers

Balloon Flower Numbers
Tutorial via A Joyful Riot

Shout that birthday number loud and clear with this gorgeous, oversized balloon version. I kind of think this would spice up grown up parties too!

DIY Fruit Balloons

DIY Fruit Balloons
Tutorial via Balloon Time

These bright colors and fun fruits are so cheerful and delicious they almost make me drool. The project just needs some vinyl to get things going!

DIY Donut Balloons, tutorial via Studio DIY

DIY Donut Balloons
Tutorial via Studio DIY

Who wouldn’t want donut balloons at their next shindig? These minty fresh colors are the perfect color palette for the entire party too.

Pictured at the top of this post: Clouds on Balloons, image by photographer Jon Day via Decor8.