Crush On These DIY Hearts

DIY Paper Heart Garlands

Ah, February, it’s the season of love! I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day is really the only thing that keeps me going in February. The snow and cold is getting so very old. But with a warm-hearted, bright-colored, spread-the-love event in the middle, it makes a big difference to my attitude!

So let’s take a peek at some sweet heart shaped craft projects. I found some great décor ideas, as well as some gifts to give or make for yourself to keep you warm and hearty this month!

DIY Wire Heart Bracelet

Wire Heart Bracelet
Tutorial via Happy Hour Projects

The simplest little bracelet project you ever did see – and wouldn’t it look cute on the wrists of your girls and girlfriends? I think my daughter would love it.

DIY Heart Elbow Patches

Heart Elbow Patches
Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

Fix up your loved one’s favorite sweaters with some elbow patches – or knee patches too. But honestly, I’m totally distracted by that pooch.

DIY Paper Hearts

Paper Hearts
Tutorial via Jesus Sauvage

Make your message heart-felt with a quick DIY that’s perfect for giving. Or, make a big pile of hearts.

DIY Honeycomb Heart

Honeycomb Heart
Tutorial via Minted

This is one of those slap-hand-to-forward projects: so easy, so fresh, and why didn’t I think of it? Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to get some honeycomb (I’ve been dying for an excuse, haven’t you?)

DIY Heart Wall Hanging

Heart Wall Hanging
Tutorial via Sarah Hearts

The best part about this little project is how awesome it looks year-round. You don’t need to put away when Valentines Day has passed you by.

Pictured at the top of this post: Paper Heart Garlands, image via Dobleufa.