6 Yarn Crafts You’ve Never Tried Before

 Kool-Aid Tassels Wall Hanging, tutorial via One Sheepish Girl

In the winter, yarn is pulling all-nighters finishing up warm scarves, hats, sweaters, and blankets. It’s coziness and usefulness is guaranteed! But maybe you’re getting tired of seeing yarn in the same old projects, used in the same old way. Maybe it’s that time of year – the middle of winter – when we need to shake things up a bit. Shall we try something new?

Check out one of these yarn projects to see yarn in a whole new light. Whether you dye it with Kool-Aid, string it up on the wall, turn it into a bird, write love notes, or wear it on your wrist, I think you’ll find a project here you would never have thought possible. I know I did!

Yarn Bird, tutorial via Fab Art DIY

Yarn Bird
Tutorial via Fab Art DIY

This little bird is totally on my list to make – especially since my daughter’s nickname is Birdie! Plus, you’ll be amazed how simple it actually is when you watch the video.

Macrame Yarn Garland, tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

Macrame Yarn Garland
Tutorial via A Beautiful Mess

This update to the old macramé look is so gorgeous and lux – the thicker the yarn, the more luxe the look. Just think of all the crazy color palettes you can come up with!

Weaving with Toddlers, tutorial via June & January

Weaving with Toddlers
Tutorial via June & January

Sometimes the best kids project just need the coolest materials. By picking the colors and yarns, the little ones can focus all their energy on the weaving itself.

Yarn Bangle, tutorial via My Poppet

Yarn Bangle
Tutorial via My Poppet

Soften up those hard bangles with some yarn patterns. The color options are endless – I wonder what they’d look like with a little furry yarn?

Love Wall Art, tutorial via DIY Candy

Love Wall Art
Tutorial via DIY Candy

The best part of this word art is you can take your time getting the look of the word just right: it’s all done in cardboard first!

Pictured at the top of this post: Kool-Aid Tassels Wall Hanging, tutorial via One Sheepish Girl.