Cardboard Crafts for the Entire Family

Cardboard Tube Village, tutorial via Mum in the Madhouse

Sometimes I think cardboard craft projects were the only things keeping the DIY blogger movement going several years ago – it seemed everyone had just discovered this perfect material and couldn’t wait to one-up each other. I’ll admit, I loved it. Cardboard is, clearly, an ideal crafty material: capable of so much, easy to work with, and easy to get ahold of.

Just because cardboard may have lost its “newness” in the modern craft world doesn’t mean it isn’t still a blast to work with. Check out some of these projects to give you a chance to re-introduce yourself to the humble cardboard box or tube. If nothing else, try your hand at one of those toilet paper tube roses – those results are outstanding!

Cardboard Tube Swords, tutorial via Ikat Bag

Cardboard Tube Swords
Tutorial via Ikat Bag

These are such a breeze to make – but I can practically guarantee that once they’re done they’ll keep the kids entertained for a long time.

Cardboard Frabjous, tutorial via Evil Mad Scientist

Cardboard Frabjous
Tutorial via Evil Mad Scientist

Your vocab word for today: frabjous. The word actually originates from the Jabberwocky poem, but the results are thanks to sculptor George Hart. If you’re brave, give that rather complicated tutorial a go – I think it could be turned into an amazing pendant lamp.

Toilet Paper Tube Roses, tutorial via Accents and Petals

Paper Tube Roses
Tutorial via Accents and Petals

There is no way toilet paper tubes can look this fabulous, right? Well, apparently it’s pretty easy – time to grab your favorite glue gun!

Cardboard Bunk Bed, tutorial via Ikat Bag

Cardboard Bunk Bed
Tutorial via Ikat Bag

My daughter has been begging for a bunkbed for her two favorite dolls – who are apparently sisters. Maybe we can make this tutorial work for them? The results are adorable!

Cardboard Cloud Bookshelf, tutorial via Lucas Ridley

Cardboard Cloud Bookshelf
Tutorial via Lucas Ridley

Simple results, quick project, and perfect for your current reading pile. I can’t help imagining an entire posse of clouds hanging on a kid’s wall – painted white, of course.

Pictured at the top of this post: Cardboard Tube Village, tutorial via Mum in the Madhouse.