6 Stellar Moon-Themed Crafts

DIY Phase of the Moon Mobile via A Beautiful Mess

The moon is a wondrous site to behold, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what phase it’s in, it always brightens my day (see what I did there?) to catch a glimpse of it up in the sky. I don’t care if it’s full or a crescent or only the Chesire Cat’s smile (as my daughter refers to it), it’s always a gentle reminder that we’re kind of small, and the universe is rather big.

Even better than the regular old moon: the lunar eclipse that’s coming later this month. Let’s celebrate all things lunar for craft time this week. Whether you focus on the phases of the moon or its full-on glory, I bet one of these crafts will catch your eye.

Moon Clock

DIY Moon Clock, tutorial via Bambula

Tutorial via Bambula

It may not glow like the real thing, but its simple beauty will add some gravitas to your time of day.

Phase of the Moon Banner

DIY Phase of the Moon Banner, tutorial via Running with A Glue Gun

Tutorial via Running with A Glue Gun

Some wood discs, a little paint, and voila – you and your little ones can keep track of how the moon changes every single month.

Moon Dream Catcher

DIY Moon Dream Catcher, tutorial via Maptote

Tutorial via Maptote

What better thing to add to the moon than dreams? The double circles in the center of this dream catcher are, well, dreamy!

Moon Phase Wall Mobile

DIY Moon Phase Wall Mobile, tutorial via A Merry Thought

Tutorial via A Merry Thought

Channel your inner boho goddess with this quick mobile – it’s so much more interesting than another boring old picture frame for your wall.

Moon Chalkboard Art

DIY Moon Chalkboard Art, tutorial via Clever + Dot

Tutorial via Clever + Dot

Never fear, you can even learn to draw your very own moon with this quick tutorial. You could even do it on black paper and frame it if you don’t have a chalkboard wall!

Pictured at the top of this post: Phase of the Moon Mobile via A Beautiful Mess.