Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

Is it cold where you live? Are you gearing up for snow days and looking for activities to keep kids engaged indoors? These printable snowflake stitching cards use ribbon or yarn to embroider simple designs that won’t melt as you try to stay warm!

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

There are an infinite number of snowflakes that form in the skies each year, but this printable only has four designs. You’ll find that making a few will still keep little fingers busy.

The stitching cards are a cross between basic lacing cards and the traditional art of ribbon embroidery. That makes them ideal for children in upper elementary grades. But with a little help, younger kids will enjoy stitching too.

Ready to make some snow?

What You Need

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards
  • Card Stock
  • 1/8in White Ribbon or Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Sharp Needle
  • Large Tapestry or Plastic Canvas Needle
  • Snowflake Ribbon Stitching Cards template (download here)


Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

Print the stitching cards onto card stock and cut out the circles. Pre-pierce the holes before you start stitching. This is easier with a two-step process.

First, use the sharp needle to poke a hole in the center of each dot. Next, use the larger tapestry or plastic canvas needle to poke the holes again, making them larger. You can do this on a piece of cork or corrugated cardboard for support.

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

Cut a 36in piece of ribbon and tie a knot in one end. Thread the other end through the large needle. It’s helpful to pull at least 6in of the ribbon through the eye of the needle so it doesn’t come unthreaded.

Begin stitching through the holes in the first stitching card. Follow the pre-printed lines for where to stitch and make the snowflake designs. Use straight stitches and back-stitch throughout the patterns.

Sometimes you may need to wiggle the threaded needle through the holes. Take care that you don’t tear the cards.

Younger children may find it easier to work with yarn instead of ribbon. Of course, standard embroidery floss also works for this!

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

As you work, try to follow a path that doesn’t jump across the back of the stitching card. This can be a bit of a brain bender and that’s a good thing. Kids will practice good embroidery habits while using less ribbon!

If you run out of ribbon or finish off a card, tie off the ribbon with a knot that’s close to the back of the card.

Then make the next snowflake!

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

Stitch each snowflake, and if you’re up for it, make another set too! Sure you’ll have some flakes that are the same, but that’s okay. You could always change them up by using a different material. For example, silver ribbon would be pretty for your second set, or maybe some sparkling yarn.

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

These stitching cards are fun for staying busy on a snow day, and they also make a good winter decoration. Tape them together on a string to make a snowy garland, or add little hangers and display them on a bare branch.

You could even attach one to the front of a plain card so you can mail a handmade note to a friend.

Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards Printable Snowflake Stitching Cards

However you decide to show off these snowflakes, you’ll be sure to impress your friends and family with your stitching skills.

Happy crafting!