Printable Rainbow Bike Flags

Printable Rainbow Bike Flags

Who doesn’t love cruising around on a bike and enjoying the sunshine-filled days of summer? It’s an essential part of summer! Plus, so many kids first learn to how to ride bikes this time of year so there are definitely lots of bike riders out and about.

Add a bit of flair to your bike this summer with these DIY printable rainbow bike flags! The flags will add a pop of color to your bike and can even help people driving by to see you better if you’re riding on the street. It’s the best of both worlds! Keep reading to see how to make your very own.

what you need:

Printable Rainbow Bike Flags
  • Printable bike flag
  • Sticker paper
  • Wooden dowel (or empty bike flag pole)
  • Ribbon and string in various colors
  • Scissors


Printable Rainbow Bike Flags

Step 1
Download and print out the front and back sides of the rainbow bike flag onto your sticker paper. Cut out your flags with your scissors, keeping them as straight as possible.

Printable Rainbow Bike Flags

Step 2
Stick the front side of the flag to the end of the wooden dowel. The front is the side that says “pedal to the metal”.

Printable Rainbow Bike Flags

Step 4
Cut some ribbon and string and stick it to the inside of the flag. Since the flag is printed on sticker paper, the ribbons and strings should stick right on.

Then, carefully stick the back side of your rainbow flag to the front side of your flag. This will secure your ribbons and strings to your bike flag pole. Attach your bike flag to your bike and you’re done!

Printable Rainbow Bike FlagsPrintable Rainbow Bike Flags

Printable Rainbow Bike Flags
Super fun, right? Who doesn’t love decorating their bike with some fun flair for the summer! Happy crafting!

This awesome bike flag project comes from guest contributor Vanessa Diaz. Vanessa founded Brite and Bubbly, her creative lifestyle brand and online blogazine, in 2009 as a place to share her creativity, inspiration, and family life experiences. Check out her blog for even more DIY projects, recipes, party planning tips, entertainment news, and all the brite and bubbly moments from everyday life!