DIY Painted Rock Flower Puzzle

Today we’re back with another fun painted rock project! Last week we shared a super playful beach rock project, and since we’re all about rock art these days, today we’re making this simple painted flower wreath puzzle! This “puzzle” is great because it has a million different solutions – you can arrange the flowers into bouquets or garden scenes and mix and match the petals as you please. Plus, it’s no big deal if you lose a piece or two!

For this flower puzzle, we used Folk Art Outdoor Acrylic Paint. We love that the ultra-tough formula allows us to leave the painted rocks out in the elements and they’ll stay as bright and fun as when we first painted them. Talk about the perfect toy for kids to play with at the cottage, camping, or in your own backyard!

what you need:

DIY Painted Rock Flower Puzzle


Step 1
While collecting your rocks for this project, arrange them into flowers as you go to make sure you have a good selection of rocks in matching sizes. Oblong rocks can be used as petals on larger flowers, or save them to the side to be the leaves.

Step 2
Once you’ve got all your rocks and they’re clean and dry, arrange the rocks into flowers in a circle shape. You can use a dinner plate as a guide!

Step 3
Paint your rock flowers in a variety of colors – we used Folk Art Outdoor Acrylic paint so that this flower puzzle can be left as an outside toy and remain bright and intact! Let dry completely.

Now that your rocks are painted, you can arrange and rearrange the rocks to make different floral wreaths, bouquets, or whatever you like! The great part about this puzzle is that there are tons of right ways to put it together. Hooray!

Happy crafting!!

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