Racket Embroidery by Danielle Clough

We are huge fans of Danielle Clough!! Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the embroiderer / photographer / VJ / designer not only creates one-of-a-kind embroidery but also specializes in digital design work, speaks on local radio programs, does freelance photography, and creates experimental visuals for live concerts and music festivals. Talk about a jack of all trades! We’re especially in love with her unique embroidered rackets – can we have one of each?? We’ve gathered a few of our favorites below.

The bright, saturated color of the embroidery floss is so eye-catching! We also love the contrast between the square grid of the rackets and the natural, flowing shapes of the flowers, succulents, and leaves. They are all just so beautiful! Which one if your favorite?

Make sure to follow Danielle on Instagram to see even more of her amazing embroidered creations!

Source: all images from Danielle Clough’s website