Silly Monster Treat Bags

Planning your own monster mash bash? These printable monster mouth treat bag toppers are the perfect way to hand out some sweet snacks! When assembled, the treats show through the cut out mouth so it looks like each monster is eating them, and there are four designs to choose from!

No matter what kinds of treats or goodies you want to share with friends or party guests, these monsters will try to chomp on them. But then, who could blame them?

Normally you might be afraid to take candy from a monster, but these creatures look more like a Muppet and not so scary. Even still, they’re fun to have around for a Halloween celebration or any time you’re in the mood for some monster treats.

Ready to make some crazy favor bags? Let’s get started!

what you need:

  • Cardstock
  • 4-inch wide plastic treat bags
  • Small wrapped treats
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Printable monsters


Step 1
Print the monster faces on cardstock and cut out around the edges. Use the blade of the scissors or another pointed object to carefully punch a hole through the white area of the mouth. Cut out the entire mouth opening.

Step 2
Fold about 1 inch of the top edge of each monster toward the back.

Step 3
Fill the plastic bags with treats. They can be a mix of candy, healthy snacks, or even small toys. After all, silly monsters will eat just about anything! Of course, you should make sure that your treat choices will be safe for the non-monster friends who will be enjoying them.

Step 4
Hold the first bag of treats behind the mouth of the monster, making sure that it shows through the opening. If your bag is taller than the monster face, which is likely, fold the top of the bag down.
Step 5
With the folded top of the bag under the folded top of the monster face, staple the top of the treat topper.

Your first monster is all finished and you’re ready to make the rest of the monster crew!

One of these monster faces is fun, but a whole bunch is even better. There’s just something even sillier about so many goofy faces filled with yummy treats!

For another way to use this printable, attach the monster faces to a paper bag or even a small box. Cut out the mouth opening, then use a small ball or even pieces of candy to make a tossing game!

Happy crafting!