Matcha Monster Waffles

Breakfast gets all kinds of monster-y with these made-from-matcha, Matcha Monster Waffles! Get creative with candy and marshmallows to add monstrous features to your morning treat and everyone will be all set for a BOO-tiful day!


  • Waffles mix (we used the “just add water” kind which we love because it is eggless (a great option for vegans) and easy!)
  • Matcha powder (Trader Joe’s sells this!)
  • Cooking spray
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips
  • Candy bars (we used Kit-Kats and Snickers)
  • Maple syrup (you could also use strawberry syrup to make it look like creepy blood!)


To get started, a few tablespoons of Matcha powder (we love the kind sold in Trader Joe’s that comes in individual packs) into your normal pancake mix in a large mixing bowl! I use an egg-less, just add water mix for my crew’s waffles and pancakes, so I just added a few tablespoons of Matcha powder to about 3 cups of my waffles mix. Next I added water (since my mix only calls for that!) and mixed vigorously with a spoon until the mixture was well blended.

Next, heat your waffle iron and be sure to spray it with non-stick spray, coconut oil, or whatever you love to use. Scoop on about 1/4 cup of mix onto each section of your waffle iron, and then cook.

Let the waffles cool just a bit on a rack then decorate with candy!

To Make the Eyes:
Cut a marshmallow in half and then on each half press a chocolate chip into the center. Press the pointy-side of the chocolate chip into the marshmallow so the flat side looks like a pupil.

To Make the Mouth:
Break a kit-kat in half (to form one stick) for a mouth or use Snickers cut into cross sections so the peanuts look like funny teeth! Smoother with syrup and then serve up your ghoulish breakfast treats and enjoy!

Video production by Caroline Gravino for Handmade Charlotte