DIY Stencilled Overalls

It may be fall, but we’re all about embracing florals all year round! Turn a pair of plain overalls into a colorful garden with just a few easy steps! We used Plaid’s Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink which was just perfect for these overalls. When the paint dries, it stays soft and flexible so you and your little ones will be comfy as can be wearing your custom painted outfits!

Overalls are all over the place these days, and we can’t get enough of them! We were inspired by this floral pair, but since they only come in adult sizes and are on the pricey side, we thought we should make a DIY pair instead!! Keep reading to see the full instructions below!

what you need:


Step 1
Before beginning, make sure that if you’re using brand new overalls that they’ve been washed and dried. Use stencil tape to secure your stencil as you like – we started at the top and worked our way down.

Step 2
Squeeze some paint out and dab your spouncer into it to coat. Remove excess paint on scrap paper / a paper plate before applying onto your overalls. When stencilling, it’s always a good idea to use less paint to start and work from there. Using too much paint can cause bleeding under the stencil and then a less crisp design later. When spouncing, make sure to apply the paint in an up-and-down dabbing motion to also help prevent paint bleeding.

Complete one color of the stencil, and then do the same for the second paint color with a new spouncer.

Step 3
When finished with your first stencil, remove while the paint is still wet and set to the side. If there is a lot of excess paint on the stencil, you can carefully wipe that off with a damp cloth now. Continue to lay out stencils, apply paint, remove the stencil, and repeat until you have a design you’re happy with! We kept the look symmetrical for these overalls, so first worked our way down one leg and then copied that design onto the other leg in a mirror image.

If you’re using dark denim overalls like we did, you’ll need to do at least two coats of paint for full coverage. If you like the more faded look, then you can leave it as is, or simply repeat the same stencils on top once the first coat is dry. Be careful not to smudge any wet paint while you work!

This post is sponsored by Plaid Enterprises.