Printable Inspiration Banner

For those days when you need some extra motivation and encouragement, make a printable banner to lift your spirits! This printable includes banner shapes, inspirational phrases and reminders, and a variety of decorations. All you have to do is print, cut, and glue!

Whether you need a reminder that you can do it or to shine bright or be bold, there are plenty of options for your first banner. But these wall hangings are so easy to make, you may want to craft a bunch.

Give them to friends, hang a collection of them on your wall, or even in your locker!

Print out the basic banner pieces and get ready to be inspired!

what you need:

what you need:

Step 1
Print the inspiration banner pages on card stock. If you’d like, you can use colored card stock for the banner shapes and the page with the inspirational phrases. White card stock is best for the decorative elements.

Cut out a banner shape and punch two holes on the marked circles. Turn the banner over so you don’t see the printed outlines on the front.

Step 2
Cut out all the designs that you want for your banner. Cut loosely around the words and cut as close to the decorations as you want. You may even want to print an extra copy of the decor so you have more than one of each piece to work with.

Step 3
Choose a phrase and some decorations to go with it. Play around with where you want the pieces to go. When you’ve decided on a design, it’s helpful to take a quick phone photo so you remember where the pieces go. Start gluing down the bottom layer of pieces.

Step 4
To add dimension to the banner, cut some small strips of craft foam and glue them to the backs of some of the pieces. This works great with the phrases or the decorations.

You can layer these so they overlap with other dimensional pieces as long as you pay attention to the placement of the craft foam.

Step 5
Use a little glue on the craft foam pieces of your decorations and stick them in place on the banner.

Step 6
Thread a piece of string through the holes of the banner and tie the ends together.

Your banner is ready to display and give you some inspiration and encouragement each day!

When you use liquid glue instead of glue stick, the pieces will have a small amount of ripple. They may even lift at the edges a little. That’s okay! It actually helps give the banner more visual interest as you see the edges of the layers.

As you make banners, use the pieces creatively. For example, the long trapezoid shape works as either a shooting star tail or an award ribbon. Or the yellow award ribbon top might work as a sun for your creation!

Instead of using the printed phrases, write your own special message on the main banner piece. Then, add the decorations around the hand-written phrase.

Be inspired and inspire others by sharing your finished banner…and then make more for friends!

Happy crafting!